OFFICIAL PR (!): Weigandt’s Blogandt! Blog Relaunches For No Real Reason

An all-new column here on Pulpmx. For a little while anyways...

Jersey Shore, NJ (December 19, 2011)  – To the excitement of few and the indifference of many, Blogandt Inc. LLC. tm. ATV. MX. SUV. UTV. etc announces a relaunch of Jason Weigandt’s Blogandt Blog today, using stolen (or borrowed) web space on Steve Matthes’ site. Blogandt launched in 2004 and was known for a period of nearly several hours as the place to be. For the relaunch, it will share assorted insights—some motocross related and some not—transferred wirelessly (via a keyboard) from Weigandt’s brain. Fans can scroll to to access the blog.

“You folks already made a big mistake by reading this far into a PR,” says Weigandt. “This blog will not report news. You won’t become an ounce smarter from reading it. And yet, unlike those celebrity news blogs, it won’t even make you dumber, either. I’ll produce the same type of ridiculous stuff I did back in the day. The whole thing is a joke and if you don’t get it, I’ll blame the readers instead of blaming myself for not being funny. Or maybe I’ll just blame that otherwise worthless Pulp site, since they’re posting it.”

“No way I’m letting him post this on Pulp,” says founder Steve Matthes. “Oh wait. He already did? Who is running this show?”

Weigandt says he plans to move the blog over to as soon as he feels like selling out and forgetting what Matthes did for him.

“That should be soon,” says Weigandt.

Blogandt began in November of 2004, originally part of the site for The Racing Paper, a regional MX pub where Weigandt served as editor. Blogandt later moved to But after a brief Blogandt post in January of 2010, Weigandt began sharing thoughts in a weekly Racer X column called ReduX, and Blogandt nearly died. Simple math has led to a return. “I realize if I couple one post from 2010 with at least one post at the end of 2011, I can claim the blog has run continuously for eight years,” says Weigandt. “I’m so cheating right now.”

“If there’s one thing I know about Weege, it’s that he doesn’t have the organization to keep this thing going,” says Matthes. “So who really cares?”

In addition, Weigandt would like to make fun of everyone who read all the way to the bottom of a press release about his blog. “That could be my first post right there,” he says.

About Blogandt Inc. LLC TM etc

The Blogandt blog hosts stream of consciousness essays from Jason Weigandt, editor of Racer X Online and Senior Editor of Racer X Illustrated. Did you really think it would take more than one sentence to explain this? For more information, go to



so by reading this whole post

so by reading this whole post im one (or more) of the fallowing...

a) read up way too much on pulp mx

b) care way too much what weege things

c) have too much free time to devote to moto

d) YoU ReAcHeD ThE WeEgE's...