ME Cup Photo Report

Matthes flew me down to take some shots and here's a comprehensive photo report of the nights action.

By James Lissimore


  With the Monster Energy Cup taking place this past weekend in Matthes' hometown of Vegas, I conned him into getting me a flight to come down and shoot the race. It was cool what Feld was trying to do with this race and the different ideas they were trying out and hopefully it can grow and be better next year. Here's what I saw.


You can click on any photo to view as a slideshow if you're so inclined....

The Monster Energy Cup track was a hybrid between moto and supercross but for the most part it was a supercross track. Riders were worried about whether they needed outdoor suspension beforehand. It was def not needed.
Justin Brayton used the ME Cup to make his Factory Honda debut. Looks good!
Matthes' has some gnarly fans. PulpMX fan, Aaron, hooked him up with these sweet, custom Oakley's, complete with Canadian flag logos and "PulpMX" on the lens.
Nick Wey's factory setup for the race. It worked out alright for NYK as him and Big Nasty did a good job.
I put this in here because Justin Brayton was trying out some X Brand Goggles at the ME Cup. I figured he'd be all giddy about this shot.
Big Nasty spins the wrenches on the Michigan Mafia Two-Seven bike.
Lots of 250 dudes jumped up to 450's for the race. Eli Tomac looked good on the big bike, grabbing 5th overall.
New Two-Two Motorsports hire, Mike Gosselaar, got to spend the race hanging out and being a moto-dad for his son, Drew, who was racing.
The sand whoop section was taking down plenty of riders during practice. Kyle Cunningham takes a ride out on the Medic Mule after a hard get off that knocked him out for the night.
Feld exhausted all of China's yearly production of fireworks for their opening ceremonies and finish line celebrations.
Ryan Dungey made his much hyped debut on his new Red Bull KTM ride. He didn't win but he looked pretty good considering he didn't have all that much time on the pumpkin.
For the opening ceremonies, RV was lifted way up on this hydraulic pedestal in front of the Big Screen. Good thing he didn't fall off, might have made it hard to win that million.
One of the favorites going into the race, Kevin Windham, never really looked too comfortable all night. He had to go all the way to the LCQ to qualify and wasn't a factor in the main events.
It was cool that Feld tried some different stuff with this race. Dungey and Tomac battle on the uphill section that went up into the stands.
Adam Cianciarulo won the Supermini class with a 1-1 ride. He did get some pressure from Cooper Webb in the 2nd moto. Yep, he's the real deal.
As he usually does, Brett Metcalfe quietly put in another solid ride at the ME Cup. He finished 3rd overall and maybe someone will talk about it.
Ben Townley showed up to race, hoping his results might secure a ride in the US for next season. He surprisingly rode really strong, holding off Dungey to take second in the first main event before his black cloud caught up to him.
After his second, Townley had bike problems in the next race, leaving his PC team scrambling to fix the problem.
Dungey tries everything to get by Townley in the first main.
Martin Davalos was another little bike rider who looked good jumping up to the 450. He finished 4th overall.
"Top" Jimmy Albertson had a solid night and was one of the few riders who actually seemed to like the track. Hopefully his 8th place finish overall will lead to some job offers.
Canada's own Cole Thompson raced the 250 Amateur All-Stars race and ended up in a tie for first but 3rd overall after the tie-breakers. He's not born in Scotland or Guam or anything like that, he's a real Canadian!
The French Connection, Marvin Musquin, finally made his American Supercross debut, at the ME Cup. Throwing big whips on the 350, he grabbed 11th overall.
With very little time between main events. Most riders pitted right behind the start gates so they could be ready in time.
The switch back to a Kawasaki seemed to pay off for Nick Wey as looked the best he's looked in a while on his way to 4th in the final main event.
Another rider still trying to figure out his 2012 plans, Kyle Chisholm rode to 6th place on his white Yamaha.
Two rider who had swapped brands going into this race, Dungey and Mike Alessi, battle for second in the final race. Things got a little heated after this.
RV was on another level all night. He crushed his way to all three main events and the million bucks.
The Monster Energy Cup Podium.