Motocross Magazine- A look back at 1984

Take a look at the stories of 1984 through Motocross Magazine's eyes. If anyone has the missing issues, lemme know and I'll get them up here.

The first issue of the year kicks off with O'Show testing the new CR125. That '84 "Bomber" replica is proven later to just be a bomb and Husky's "Amazing" 500TC is probably many things but amazing is not one of them.
Look at Ron Lechien here on the Feb issue of Motocross Magazine. That's on the rotary-valved OW 125 and he was a rookie the previous year. That earned him a Honda factory ride and he just lost out on the 250 national title to RJ.
When I got a tour of Oakley a few years ago, a massive copy of this cover was hanging in the hallways there. I guess the owner thought that he was big-time when this came out as all four riders are wearing Oakley goggles and facemasks. This is a cool cover for sure. All the heavy hitters featured here would go on to win nineteen AMA championships. The owner of Oakley, Jim Jannard, would go on to make enough money to buy all four of these guys and install them as slaves if he wanted to.
Look at little Ricky Ryan here pulling the holie in the Daytona supercross!  Nice momento for someone to have years later. This is a "super-race action special" and I do love the fact they put Canada in there. Makes me feel good. The test here of the '84 KX125 probably goes something like "&@$)-ing fast bike!!"
Mike Bier and AJ Whiting make the cover here and if you remember, this was the year that these two went tooth and nail for third OA in the '84 125 nationals. Yeah, sure they were a minute behind Wardy and O'Show but still. Bier eventually got it and what makes it even better for him was he was on a dog-slow YZ125. Remember when production bikes weren't that good and different years produced different crappy bike? Yeah me too. That doesn't happen anymore.
August 84 has more race action and a headline that "A star is born and he looks just like a Maico" which means that the M-Star is tested in here. A Maico by a new name just means another crappy bike from the Germans. They should've stopped with the Sand Spider, it was all down-hill from there.
Another cool cover with features on the works bikes in Europe and an actual test on O'Mara's 125. Johnson vs Lechien was very appropriate for this time. They hated each other but part of the problem that the magazines didn't report back then was that Ronnie had hooked up with RJ's ex-girlfriend. Good times.
RJ airs out his production based YZ250 on this cover and if you look close, he's got a sweet mustache growing right here. The next years '85 models are coming out and started to be tested. The 1985 CR125 was indeed very blazing. Good bike.
More tests here in the December issue. Yamaha turned their bikes white/red for you Americans and immediatley made everyone with a 1984 seem like they were riding a doo-doo bird. The '85 YZ250 was a good bike once you unhooked the BASS rear suspension deal and this machine propelled my brother to the '85 250 Novice title in Manitoba. For more on this, check out "Old Ass Photos of You."



I had an '84 CR125, the very same bike that is on the cover of that first mag. It was an incredible bike, seriously way better than the '92 KX125 which followed it. Steve, I'll pay you for that mag, or maybe you could scan the story on the bike and send it to me for Christmas!?

I'll scan the pages

and send them over to you. Remind me in a few days, I'm going up to the Motherland this Friday for four days so it will either be before that or afterwards.




You are crushing me. I had a 84 RM250. Loved the bike. I really loved the works like airbox and gold anodized bars. Bomber was the king in my eyes then. The airbox had those patterns to cut holes in it. I did that and pop riveted screen in the holes so I thought my bike was works. I really wanted those KYB stickers but could never find them. That bike kicked ass. Great memories. Thanks.

Pretty cool.

That May 84 issue has some pretty sano gear. I always liked Wards and Omaras all white Sinisalo and Answer gear.

Im gonna have to dig up my old Team Tamm gloves I own and take a pic and send it in.

I always thought it was cool to see the Euro 500 bikes in the magazines, especially the yamahas. Carlquists pancake pipe and Jacky Vimonds Yz 490s were pretty sweet looking.

Magoo DESTRUCTION by Honda design.

The time was 1980-1. The place was Roseburg, Oregon.
The result was a Magoo dirty trick.

We all arrived in Roseburg to race for a BRAND NEW Honda CRxxx (can't remember if it was for a 125 or 250.) It was a big advertised deal! We drove for three hours to take what was rightfully our brand new Honda motorcycle, as I would have easily won the race... BUT NO!

The moment we all line up at the gate, the announcer goes ballistic, announcing that Danny "Magoo" Chandler is on the line with the rest of us!

Of course, we fought all day, and in the second moto, Chandler was as far down as (I think, sixth) but he came back to win the over all and deprive me of my bran new Honda.

And so I ended up just another working slob.
And now I don't even work, thanks to our lovely economy.
But that's okay, as long as I have my bike, tent, & rifle I will be alright.

(posted from about 200 miles south of Winnipeg.)


My older brother told me a story once about Magoo showing up to a oneoff big money race in I believe Montana. I may be off in this whole story, so play along. Anyways, as the story goes, Magoo shows up to the big money race on his Maico, sans grips! and smokes everybody. Takes the money and runs. I dont know why he didnt have grips...he just didnt... and so the legend lives.

Danny Laporte Team Yamaha

While you are looking thru all these old mags. See if you can find out the time frame between Lackeys 500 GP championship and Laportes 250 Gp Championship. I think Laporte actually won his a week or two before Lackey,

I think...

That Laporte won his title a week before Bad Brad. The mags all covered both championships in one magazine. Kind of took away from Bad Brad's life quest of becoming America's first ever world champ.