Old Ass Moto Pictures of You

We'll get this started with a couple of shots of my buddies first. Send me in a pic and description of said picture and I'll get it up.

Here's my buddy Trevor in 1989. He also wore JT and looked pretty good on the bike. He was a huge RJ fan and had the Bad Boy pants and a JT chest pro that covered his upper chest and full back. I think it was called a V-3000 or something like that. He was also always #13, he didn't care about any stupid superstitions. I'm no Gary Bailey but he needs to get his elbows up.


Here's my rat biker buddy Mark in 1985. Notice the Cooperalls which was also the choice of Rollerball back then. They were like hockey pants kinda for you Americans reading this. The duct tape on the Simpson is a nice touch as is the logo-less jersey. He truly was a "Red Rider". Mark would go on to finish 3rd in the 250 Novice points (missing 2nd by one point) this year behind the champion Jason Matthes. Please notice the fans in the background are NOT looking at him.


My friend Lawrence Hamm has a Hi-Flyer card! Next time you people (and I know pretty much everyone has) are looking at this card and saying "Who the hell is this guy?" It's HAMMMMMMMM! Lawrence is a big gorilla of a man, look at his hands just dwarfing the levers and he was the only one I ever saw with the Thor "kidney protector" chest protector. Which on him only covered his sides.


Here's a shot of my bro in 1985. Notice the ultra trick Coopercross (just like Ross and Mark in the picture above have) and the red hooded sweatshirt for a nice touch. He also has some of "Bad" Brad Lackey's famous Jones' goggles on and some performance enhancing holes in the airbox for more HP's! Where's his crossbar pad? Why did he always duct tape his tank? I guess I shouldn't question him, he did go on to win the 1985 250 Novice title.


This isn't the greatest picture but this is the starting line of the 80cc class at the Canadian Amateur National in Duncan BC. The rider next to the box, the teeny tiny Yamaha guy, Cal Nowicki sent this to me. Cal grew up to be a pretty good rider as well. He pales in comparision to that monster on the number 77 Kawi. Look at that guy, who would make him ride 80's when he was clearly too big for it? Well that would be my dad as that guy is me. The guy next to me is Danny Ulven from Oregon, he would go on to win the title with dominating rides. Funny how life is, I ran into Danny in like '97, '98 and we laughed about this race and he now works for the family business up there.
This is 1983 and the rider is Trevor Unger from Winnipeg Canada. This is a track I raced on a few times, it was an old ski hill that and, like Unadilla, they would just mark out a track in the grass and we would have at it. I remember there was a mud race there and I couldn't start my 80 because my boot was so muddy it would just slip off and my kickstarter would nail the inside of my foot. Oh man, I cried. Trevor sent me this picture and it looks pretty sweet, nice track and Unger was a top local expert for many years.


A reader named Jim Byrne sent in these pics of The ROSS at Hully Gully in the early 80's. Notice the body english and the attacking style of Rollerball. Does anyone reading this have any doubt that he crushed them on this day?
Here's Jim himself on the same jump "taking the low line" as he called it. Man, I love these type of photos, keep sending them in and thank you Jim.


This is a reader by the name of Mike James, it's his 1980 KX125. Pretty sweet huh?


Classic Manitoba action at Portage Raceways! The guy on the ground is the 1983 500 Senior champion, Paul Dyck. The guy getting away from everything is Rob Balcean (and sons) and the Suzuki guy is a man from Czech named Jan Vetesnik who was this super smart machinist dude that basically invented the push up stand. He sold the patent and makes hospital equipment or something like that. Little know fact, when I got my start in being a mechanic I needed a ride down to the 1996 Denver supercross and Jan gave it to me.


Number 44 is John Kennedy and number 6 is Shane Drew. This is at the Nanaimo national in 1991. Kennedy is now a pilot and Drew works for Red Bull Honda Racing team as a clipboard holder guy in charge of chassis development. Drew had a Karcher pressure washer deal this year and they paid him in pressure washers that he could sell! Photo by G-Force


This is the 1985 Calgary Supercross. That's one of Wheels West's finest riders, Mark Medock right there being chased by Al "Team Scream" Keith. This was the race where it started snowing super hard and the guys just raced through it. At one point the lights went off for about thirty seconds or so. Jeff Surwall was in the air when it happened! I think I remember this race being on CBC or something like that when I was a kid. Anyways, good times. Photo by G-Force


This was in 1982 Thunder Bay, Murillo Fall fair. I just bougt this YZ 125 the day before and had no time to test it, the bike worked perfect and I went 1-1 in the 125 Junior class. There was this huge double jump and very few riders were attempting to clear them and it DNF many including both Drew boys(I witnessed both crashes) Kim Houde from Manitoba who only had one eye (he was awesome) he went 1-1 250 cc and 1-1 500cc,smoked every expert that day, and along with one other rider cleared that double all day without fault, who was the other rider? take a guess. Modesty  eh, ha ha!-Alan Legacy


 Hey Steve, here's something for you. I was a big fan of Bob Hannah and Ricky Johnson in my years of MX racing, so I had to have my HRP chest protector and lightning bolts on my helmet. Then early in the 85' SX season a number of photos in MXA showed Ricky Johnson wearing surfing shorts over top of his race pants, and being only 17, I new instantly I had to have a pair of those funky pants to wear over top of my gear.  My dad and I talked about it and he said that I could only wear them if I won the first moto, then for the 2nd moto I would get to throw them over top of my gear and look ridiculously flash. 

First race of the season was at Orangeville and after winning the first moto I donned my surf shorts for the 2nd moto, which I ran away with, but at the finish line I was black flagged whilst getting the checkered flag.  So I stopped beside the CMA official and he checked my pants to see if they were allowed, then seeing I had MX pants on underneath he said ok go ahead, everything is fine. Later my dad learned that some parent had complained to the race ref that I wasn't wearing proper MX equipment and I should be DQ'd for it, unbelievable.- Dave


1986 Calgary Supercross

I remember this race well. Screamin' Al and I travelled together for this one. It snowed so hard we all looked the same, covered in a thick coat of mud with snow on top. Al finished in the money and I DNF'd after my spark plug fell out, something that had never happened before or since. Of course before the plug fell out I was having the best Supercross race of my life in those terrible conditions.
The results were so mixed up that when we got to the awards / payout they didn't have any money for Al. He wasn't in the results but I was in the money! Before I could say anything Al elbowed me in the ribs and said "take the money and let's go" which we did. I split the money with Al, he had earned it but I collected it.

Ross at "Hully Gully"

That is in fact Copetown. Hully Gully didn't have dirt like that within 60 miles!


lol, I remember Shane coming home to Thunder Bay and trying to sell us pressure washers! Great stuff here Steve!

Thanks Terry

You were all probably hit up for a pressure washer here and there!  Shane was a "bidness man"

Calgary supercross

This was the 1986 Calgary supercross for sure. Team Tides Guy Cooper won it and the lights did go out during a killer snow storm, pretty crazy that night. I snuck in that night...the good 'ol day's


hey mate, are you sure that pic of your bro is '85? sure looks like an '84 to me (same with the cr in the background). and jim byrne's pics look like copetown although i guess he would know if he's in the pic! i like the PDQ jersey BTW. how come all of your buddies have red numbers? you sure you ever turned pro? not so sure now... keep us posted on poor little garfield.

ya it must be 85

in 84 YZs had drum brake front and back so #57 white YZ125 is a 85 model. First disc brake YZ

the 85 yz 125

I remember this bike and that season, it blew up/seized about a dozen times, until we replaced the bogus cdi box and the complete ignition with a motoplat unit. Every race we went to the first thing we did was look for another 125 to rob parts off. LOL PoPs


I thought of all these great reasons as to why i wore a hoodie, had no crosssbar pad, and ducttaped my tank. Ultimately there is one reason for this...i was a junior! That says it all!!


I think that #13 guy looks awesome. His riding style was way before his time and rocking the orange RJ replica because he couldn't afford the blue and red version just confirms his dedication to "The Bad Boy".