So, who expected that?!
David Izer joins the crew to talk about what was Atlanta 2 SX
SX & MX winner David Vuillemin gives us his thoughts on Villopoto's GP debut

Blake Wharton is not finished racing, he’s just taking a break and waiting for the right opportunity to jump back in.

Here's the straight goods from the A-T-L

This week, Moser talks to "Filthy Phil", who might have the inside scoop on the 250 rider who came up Just Short.  In addition, he talks to the 450 rider known for his high-five fail. 

Lots to talk about when it comes to 'Lanta 1--here's Vuillemin's take on it

The mighty HRC is back

We spoke to the friendly and chatty Belgian about the pre-season preparation and to find out his take on the upcoming GP season.

Plenty to talk about from Atlanta 1.

Another great show for the books... I mean players.

Lots to talk about when it comes to ''s some of it

You’re damn right I named this edition after an Outkast album. 

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