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To race in the offseason or not to race that is the question?
By: Moser
I don’t mean to brag but perhaps you have noticed I slay these point/counterpoint debate articles.  It comes, as no surprise when I presented the topic of racing overseas in the offseason nobody wanted a piece of Moser.  I have a way with words and apparently my words have cut people deep in the past.  Bobby Fischer would practice chest against himself, playing unbiased, mano e mano to hone his skills.  The ultimate internal struggle a man against his own mind.  Coming at ya, Cory vs. Moser should riders race overseas in the offseason?
Moser:  Everyone knows there is nothing quite like racing, it’s impossible to duplicate.  Riders state this over and over again.  No matter how many laps you do around the practice track, or miles on the road bike nothing matches the intensity quite like racing.  If you want to be rusty going into A1 then skip the offseason races, you will be well rested but ½ asleep when the gate falls for the first time.  How many times have you heard riders say “I really needed some gate drops to get on pace”.  Add that quote to the long list of “you have to race to be in race shape” quotes.  The riders that come out swinging at the beginning of the season and are ready to bang bars have already squashed the butterflies in their stomach with some real racing and a bear claw.
Cory:  You’re an idiot, have you been drinking?  Don’t bother answering that I can smell it on your breathe.  Sure gate drops are important, but when you’re lined up in the second row at Bercy I don’t think you even have a gate.  When you race overseas you’re riding a borrowed bike with some random parts slapped on it, racing on an Arenacross track that is nothing like Supercross, you’re jetlagged, and most likely have diarrhea from the food, surely that adds up to quality racing practice.  If racing on these small Arenacross style tracks, like these European races you’re referencing is so beneficial to prepare for Supercross why don’t riders race some of the Arenacross series stateside?  Supercross it’s the premier motorcycle racing series in the world, it doesn’t compare to riding around in a hockey ring on the other side of the world.  Developing a strong base fitness in preparation for a very long Supercross and outdoors season (see exhibit “A” Ryan Villopoto) is more important than a couple gate drops in a different world, or continent.  
Moser:  Lets talk about money and speaking of which I think you still owe me some you deadbeat.  Careers are short and there is good money to be made for a couple nights of effort.  We’re talking about guaranteed money just for showing up and throwing your leg over a motorcycle.  Find me one retired pro rider that doesn’t want and extra 20k or 30k in his pocket right now?  JT$ made a career out of racing overseas at any given opportunity.  You have to strike while the iron is hot, get while the getting is good, etc. This may come as a shock but the career of a professional motorcycle rider is pretty short and very few guys and retire when they quit racing.  If Ryan Villopoto wants to gamble on himself to win a title and turn down good money more power to him, he’s financially in a position to make that call, on a side note Aldon Baker was the one that discouraged RV from doing those races.  How many riders have a realistic shot at winning a Supercross title and the money to higher a trainer to track their every body and bowel movement?  
Cory:  I’m sure RC regrets going to Bercy, it basically cost him his rookie Supercross season.  Let me jog your memory, he broke his collarbone in Bercy which required him to “race himself into shape” when the Supercross series started.  He was off the pace and picked himself up off the ground countless times trying to keep up with MC and DV that season.  Sure 20K or 30K sounds like a lot of money but not compared to a million dollar bonus check.  This isn’t the 90’s bro, the training these guys do is gnarly it takes years to build speed, strength and endurance, you’re going to risk that investment and time for a one off race?  Racing is a business and the teams that have hired them need and expect them to be healthy and on the track at A1.
Moser:  Maybe you are not aware but riding motorcycles is dangerous, a hazard of the profession.  The number of practice laps the riders put in doesn’t compare to the number of racing laps.  It’s the law of averages, you’re more likely to get in an car accident near your home because you drive to and from it everyday.  The riders are way more likely to crash practicing then in a race.  If you ride or race a motorcycle it’s only a matter of time before you crash and hurt yourself, some guys just get luckier than others.  Only in a magical place like Bercy can you watch sparks flying off of a girls vagina showering down around a stadium packed with screaming fans ringing out chainsaws.  These home schooled riders lived in a bubble their entire lives.  Sure they rack up more frequent flyer miles in one season then I will in my lifetime but few have gotten to explore the world or could even find Europe on a map.  This is a once in a life time experience to travel the world and get paid to do it.
Cory:  How could I forget about the chainsaw noises and vagina sparks and I agree that is something everyone should experience once in a lifetime.  Timing is everything though and right now couldn’t be worse for a race to prepare you for the racing season.  Monster cup was about a month ago, Genoa or Geneva was last week, Bercy this week and I think I’m missing a couple others.  I’ll repeat myself again the hard work is done in the offseason, the long days the gym pushing your body to the max because you have time to properly recover.  A ½ dozen laps on a track with 30 second lap times is probably a great way to train.  These riders are probably getting a better workout in the hotel room after the race than during it.  If you want to travel Europe that’s great, go race the GP’s, but all this jet setting back and forth is just silly.  Riders need a program, they need to stick to the program, avoid injury, put their heads down, put in 110%, and give it up to their team, that’s the “keys to being a champion”.  You never hear I rider on the podium at A1 say those races in Bercy really made the difference this year.
Moser:  Yeah but still
Cory:  Suck it bro
Please send any and all comments to jasonw [at] racerxill [dot] comComing at ya, Cory vs. Moser should riders race overseas in the offseason?

Coming at ya, Cory vs. Moser should riders race overseas in the offseason?

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