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All the action from the Vegas SX and AX races
As per Vegas tradition, the pits emptied out fast
Matthes and JT discuss the East/West Shootout and Vegas

The #29 talks about his year in motocross and more

Running them down from twenty to one

Rich Taylor's first podcast became an instant classic with all his great stories of bike development and testing. This part 2 is everything you'd expect it to be.

Thanks for checking the show out all year. 

Mike Sweeney's back with a sweet shot from Southwick

This is the second podcast we've done, he's got stories for days

There were lots of good and bad in American motocross this year

For this week’s GP’s Classic Steel we are going to look back at the machine that brought Japanese dominance to the open class, the 1976 Suzuki RM370A.

Matthes, Gauldy and the NewF all get together to discuss the 2013 Canadian Nationals and salute those hanging the boots up.

Tits goes a little "serial Killer" on DanDunes in the Twittersphere. #goodtimes

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