Hangtown Pulpcasts transcribed for your pleasure
Round one and Done
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JT and Weege join me to talk orange gloves, Joey, Kenny and more

Some of the front runners from Saturday speak

Payton, Decoster, Roczen, Canard, J Martin, Canard and more...

Lots to talk about here today & we attempt to cover it

Matthes, JT and Nick Wey discuss Nick's Australia race and the future.

Some good calls & good discussion on the upcoming High Point national

Thomas and Matthes talk about the impending Barcia move

Here's what I saw and what I think about this past week's national

Two brothers is ALWAYS better than one, especially when you are talking about life on the road together!

It only took two rounds...

We're rolling this thing out in six parts, today we present the first story

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