Here's where Thomas thinks SX should set up shop
Presented by N-FAB/ DV & JT discuss Anaheim 3 SX
AC50 In studio guest-host
AC & I talk injuries, comebacks & SX

Lots to talk about, some of it is even in here

A look ahead to Anaheim 2 this weekend & your calls

The last installment of this week's Just Short is in.  

It's round two!

Have you ever wondered how much early season wins affect a racer’s chance of winning the title? 

I went to Phoenix with a bunch of buddies.  Here are 29 highlights (or lowlights) from the weekend:

When you cant get ahold of the riders you need, don't give up!  Contact their "better" halves...

Lots of words and some info even from Phoenix

A look at the racing from the angle of the home viewer.

Photos by James Lissimore

Captions by Jason Thomas

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