Metty comes on to discuss his history, work ethic, goals and why he is often overlooked even though he is consistently at the front of every race he enters.

Was going through my in-box and found this. A reader named Sean and his story about his KTM.

 I'm just wondering what condition the MXDN's condition would be in with no Team America.

Thanks to Sutty for sending me this. Absolute classic.

In a twelve round series that criss-crosses America, you’re bound to get some memories in the old cranium that just won’t leave you. Y’know the thoughts I’m talking about, the kind that when you put your head down on the pillow at night and start counting cheeseburgers jumping over a grill (what, that’s just me?) they just won’t leave?

 Gentleman Jim Holley tells us a story about an MXA cover. I scanned this when I was at the RXI offices a while back. So thanks to them, their scanner and Jody for making this magazine. You can put your cursor over the pic to make it bigger.

"Bam Bam" Justin Barcia debuts on the show with talk about his amateur days, his quick reputation in the pro's as a move or be moved competitor and what he see's for his future in MX and SX.

 This time I get two guys to comment on a photo shot by Chris Hultner. The beginning of an era in American motocross.


Twenty-year old Ryan Dungey from Belle Plaine Minnesota was certainly never a child motocross prodigy. Dungey was picked from the “B” class and put straight into the factory Suzuki truck to which many eyebrows raised among motocross insiders.

Nick Wey's a guy that is quietly behind the scenes working hard and placing just outside the top five most times. He's been on three different brands in the last three years and is looking for a ride for 2010. I think he'll end up right back on his same team that he was on but I guess we'll see. I really didn't edit this thing at all, thought I'd give it to people raw.

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