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 Inspired by ESPN Magazine’s column with an anonymous NFL player on how life in the NFL really is, I thought that I’d try to do the same thing. I called a couple of riders and promised anonymity if they would go off about whatever topic they wanted. This one chose to let the people know all about the money and what to say to people who think riders are overpaid.

 Ping gave me his recap of his brief time at FMF Honda and then I figured I'd give my memories. Thanks to Chris Hultner for the photo.

A reader named Ruben was so taken back with my buddy Mark's talk of all his moto crap in the Pulpmx.com podcast that he sent in shots of his stuff. I told you guys that this is as much your site as it is mine.

Matthes calls Fox Racing headquarters to talk to Fro in this, part one of a two-part gold nugget.

This sequel is every bit as good as its predecessor.

Download here.

At the most recent World Vet Championships held at Glen Helen, my buddy Mark and other friends made the trek down to try and beat the Americans at their game. It didn't work out but they had a lot of fun trying to navigate the hills of the Helen. So I called Mark up to get all the details of the trip. Listen in as we talk about his adventure and staying at my house with me gone.

Here's a reader named Brett Jones and his report from the Canberra SX in Australia. Thanks to Brett for this little write up and photos.

 Ahhhh, memories. They linger in your mind and sometimes, over time, the thoughts that you have about them change. The feeling you have in a moment of time is influenced by what’s going on around you, the state of your mind at the moment and many other factors. Years later you can look at a photograph and all the old feelings rush back. Sometimes they match up to the original feelings, sometimes not, but no matter what-pictures are timeless.

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