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I first went to the Millville national in 1988, me and my family would trek down each and every year to watch the our heroes. I remember walking around the parking lot with my brother watching the mechanics build the machines and getting them ready for tech. The nationals used to practice on Fridays and then tech inspection and sign up were at Saturday at a particular hotel. This was great for the fans but sucked to be a rider, you had Saturday off and just hung out.

There’s this show on VH1 that is so awesomely bad and I can’t keep myself from watching it. It’s called Rock of Love Bus with ex-Poison front man, Bret Michaels. It’s a sequel to this other awesomely bad show where Bret Michaels, tired of all the sleazy rock chicks that are dumb, fake and just want him for his fame and money, gets a bunch of supposedly “normal” chicks lined up that are dumb, fake and just want him for his fame and money.

James talks briefly about the SX series thus far and the input he has with his new gear company Answer.

JT$ coming back from injury discusses his experiences in the overseas SX races, plans for the '09 season and some commentary on internet bench racers.

We'll get this started with a couple of shots of my buddies first. Send me in a pic and description of said picture and I'll get it up.

Fresh Troy Lee Designs Team manager David Pingree debuts on the podcast to talk about his team, the SX series thus far, a gnarly pizza joint, overseas races and Matthes' poor taste in music.

Check out this PR.

I get a lot of letters from people after each column. Most are pretty good, some are critical of me and some are downright funny. I'll share some of the better ones here...

Reedy talks about the A1 crash with Stewart which resulted in a Stewart DNF, his new bike and team and looking ahead to the next race.

The beginning of what is sure to be a staple of the podcast show, Weege, JT Money and Matthes lay out their predictions for the coming SX series.

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