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Dirty Jersey was the site, here's what I saw
Moser Meets Miller
Through the lens of Sweeney

Eric Johnson and I touch on a lot of subjects, some of them even interesting!

Worth is back riding and gearing up for outdoors

Former factory rider talks about his long career in the sport and in the industry

This week I was on vacation so I’m “mailing it in” so to speak, which is still one better than Matthes stating he just “wasn’t feeling Observations”.

Well, after several months of cleaning, polishing and scouring the internet for parts, Project 90 is finally nearing the home stretch. I am only missing a few odds and ends and then I can get this bad boy back together.

Looking back on DetroitSX with plenty to talk about.

Just the facts and nothing but the facts

Here's the nitty-gritty from the Detroit SX through the Cobra's eyes

We are professional sport with lingering amateurish policies which continue to affect results.

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