Atlanta SX Podcasts

What a night in the A-T-L! The winners talk as does Reed, Canard, Short and Carey Hart


inside the mind of JS7 and CR22 lol

lets go inside the mind of JS7 and CR22

@ 10 sec

JS7 "i got this, this gonna look good on bubba world season 3"

CR22 "Is he leaving me the inside?"

@ 11 sec

JS7 "wonder what dance im gonna do on the podium?"

CR22 "he is?!? front door open! lets do this!"

@ 12 sec

JS7 " W T F?? "theres a big red bike on my inside? let off?"

CR22 "This could work i got this !"

@ 13 sec

JS7 "Let off ??im james stewart i never let off ? idea!?! RAM HIM !!"

CR22 "Holy Crap he's not letting off ?!?!?

@ 14 sec

JS7 "this cant go bad im gonna jump his bike all the way into the whoops !"

CR22 "hold ya balls this could get bumpy!"

the rest was prolly a slew of cussing haha


1) FUCKYEAH! That is what racing is supposed to be - ENTERTAINMENT!!!!
2) I am a Fan of ALL the riders but more importantly I am a Fan of RACING! If the tables had been turned and it was JS7 doing the dirty I would have been just as pumped!
3) Can't believe JS7 left that door WIDE open!
4) Wilson - I want to make him a sandwich!

Thanks for all your "Crap" - love it!
P.S. Kenny come back - we miss u!
P.S.S. Almost forgot - Dungey is a Robot!


dude the only race i go to every year and I scored a track walk, got to meet the Makita Suzuki Robot and watched a crazy ass straight up gritty nas-tay race.