Pulpmx Podcast- Steve Matthes

Have you ever wondered how I got to where I am today? Yeah, me neither. But Twitter follower John from Baltimore did and he convinced me to sit down and map it all out on a podcast.


Great podcast

Great podcast! Awesome insight into Matthes's career. I doubt most people would go through what a mechanic went through back then, and it doesnt seem that long ago. Glad you did this podcast Matthes.


Who would listen to a 2 hour 10 minute podcast about SM? Apparently me. Baltimore did a great job, thanks.

Great Podcast

Great Podcast- I finally had the chance to listen to this one today and get the behind the scenes on the man that is Matthes. This industry is all about relationships and you've cultivated your network over the years to set yourself up in a great position in the industry. Keep up the great work Steve.

nice podcast i listened to

nice podcast i listened to the the whole thing cause im i want to get into the industry but what u did was crazy and it just shows how many of these mechanics work hard to work for someone and the passion they have just to work on a dirtbike for a living i would do quite a bit of stuff to get there but thats a lot of sacrifice