Matthes lays out just what it is that will kill the show someday.

Weege gets the EKS Brand Tear-Off rules explained and then puts them to precise practice.

Weege does what Weege does. Improvise when the camera is rolling.

Would-be call screener, Jake's, voicemail from 2011 is discussed by Weege and Matthes. Tit's reminisces.

This weeks show had lots of gold to mine. Here's hte first ShowPRO featuring Matthes and Weege in a Jovi-Duet. I just threw-up in my mouth a little bit...

Blose and Ping give their .02 on the Moss/Hill drama and then carry the show as Matthes tends to some technical snafu.

Andrew Short gives us a front row view of his Superpole lap at Bercy last weekend.

The JGR and N-FAB guys teamed up for the Toyota Dream Build and had the winnings already divied up but whoops! There were no winnings this year. They stood up and did the respectable thing.

Just a little off-air commercial banter in studio. Seriously glamorous stuff here.

It's hunting season and the only thing Pookie the Vegan will allow Matthes to poach, is Moser's questions.