Wil Hahn fears for his life as he's wedged between a Tits vs Watson showdown over an Optrix case. This begins with some off-air tension. Behind the scenes!

Kelli Stavast coms on and the discussion is home schooling and the best looking racers.

Jerry Robins is all the talk right now with his qualifying for Loretta's on his 1985 CR250 but Ping and Matthes want him to take it a step further.

The perps sent us this video with their demands.

DV held his tongue as long as he could during the show with all the talk of a "deep field" in pro MX/SX in 2013. Then, he unleashed during a call with Forrest Butler and JT$.

Berluti is adamant that he loves JT$ and only wants to come on the show when JT is on.

Matthes explains his "pooped-upon-pants" and Mason defines the "Seattle Re-wipe". Good times.

JT$ and DV got into a little Twitter-squabble during the Vegas SX. Here's the back story.

J-Bone was in studio for this year's Vegas Special and of course Frezno Smooth came up. Yup, he got a little nervous.

Tony Berluti is a guy who always has the back of his rider... all of them. Even years after the fact. #goodguy #greatguy