The Day at Camp Ferry's

On the third day of our Florida extravanganza, it was time to head on over and watch a legend moto down.Photos by The Swizcore

Ferry doesn't ride all that much anymore but he busted out his KX125 on this day. He bought the bike off of Malcolm Stewart and got some "parts" from Mitch at Pro Circuit, some ENZO suspension, ONE made him some graphics and he's ready to rip.


Ferry's also got a deal to wear Scott gear and show up for them here and there. I know he's already sold me! Everything but the goggles that is...


I thought he looked pretty good and that shouldn't come as much surprise, he did win the '95 Mt Morris 125 national as well as 3 125 sx's.

He can work on bikes also!


There was also a jetting change made by me which didn't really help but it didn't stop Red Dog from flicking the bike around.


He also brought out a 450 but spent way more time on the 125 on this day.


Timmy's brother Travis is back riding again and busted out some laps on the 450.


Carl Samson, a French Canadian dude now lives at the Ferry compound and was also on a 125. He's got a 3-D movie coming out on IMAX this fall.


What a day, nay- what a week down here in Florida.


Travis or Matthes?

Hey Timmys brother Travis looks like matthes in some gear, no? I'd love to see matthes's speed in his hay day i think he would suprise the shit out of us. Matthes lets see you tone down a few pounds maybe 10 or 15 lbs and grab a nice kawi 450 and ripp up some locals tracks with your boy tits filming the whole deal from training to lose the pounds to the first ride through the progress of 3 or 4 months and starting to rip it up and hold down some of these haters. hahaha that would be sick and maybe we can throw some money down and have a hater race. Haters vs. Matthes

Your heaven Steve!!

It just keeps getting better for you Steve, you get to watch your favorite rider ripping it up on a 125, how COOL is that & nice pics Swizcore. Is it a big bore?