The Day at Camp Reed's

It's Daytona week and myself and Swizcore spent Tuesday out at Reed's place watching some real fast guys practice.

Photos by The Swizcore

Reed's trophy room from over the years, I think he's out of wall space.


The sx tracks were a little wet to ride but they'll be sweet in the coming days. No matter, it was time to make the outdoor track into a Daytona-ish copy.


The entire Team Two-Two was at the house, semi-truck included.


Reed's race bike was being prepped by Lars Lindstrom in the workshop.


The Bomber attacks! 3-time 125 national champion and supercross champion Mark Barnett, there to work on the track for Reed, took time to saddle up and test out his creation. He's on Reedy's '08 CRF450 and yes, he still rides pretty good.


Here's the host getting busy on the naturally rough track. Michael Byrne, Jason Thomas and Chris Gosselaar were all there motoing down as well.


Here's Lil Goose on the Suzuki RMZ 250.


Reed concentrated on sprints this day, he was commenting that the track wasn't rough enough yet to moto.


Yeah, he looked good.


What are you doing?

What are you doing in Florida? You should be in Vegas at Kennys house feeding him grapes and fanning him with a palm leaf and wiping the sweat off his brow to make up for all that nasty stuff you did to him on the radio.


hey redemtion328. Reed's "violent take out of James Stewart" was a block pass. I'm pretty sure this is a web site for fans of moto so GO AWAY!

"Camp Reed"

Not all of "TwoTwo" was there, I was back in the saddle in Cali
chasing parts, etc.....
Dave O.

Sorry Oz!

Everyone but you that is!

Beautiful realistate

Man, beautiful property. With all that, he has hardworking employees to do everything for him. Take care of the property, house, clearly the bikes and semi. Im sure he even has people to take care of his personal finances and race funds. All he has to do is ride and train, spend a little time with his family, Living like a..idk a "king". The funny thing is, He still has to violently take out James Stewart to beat him straight up. Reed is always the slithery snake making nonsence choices that effect himself just as much as it hurts his pray. What do they call black people in Austrailia? Reed should know, He uses the word multiple times on saturdays nights.

A "king's" life

Really?! He "violently" took Stewart out? Well then, he didn't beat him "straight up", did he? The one sort of nullifies the other. Love the racial innuendo at the end too. So tell me, if you were a MX/SX Champ, a couple times over, how and where would you live? In the trailer park still?!

08 CRF450!?!?!?!?

Hold up!!!!! Chad Reed owns a 2008 (oh eight!!!) CRF450!?!?!? Now that's interesting!!!! I'd love to know more. When was it acquired and why is it still around? Does he ever ride it? What does he think of it? I've never heard of a pro like Reed owning a 3 year old bike, especially when 3 years ago he wasn't even associated with Honda. Could you find it in your heart to obtain and share some details, Matthes?

twotwo setup

Very cool outfit, bike and gear looks simple and effective to create an image for sponsors. bravo...CR looks at home on the CR.

Matthes How lucky are you...

Cool photo's from the Reed camp, and way cool to see the Bomber tearing it up. But seriously how lucky are you to be there pretending to work. I spent the day working on a power point presentation on to sell more widgets than the other guy. Let me know if you ever want to switch for the day.

bad @$$

nice photos dude, big reed fan, cant wait till daytona, normally the coolest track all year.

Just a note to redemtion328

Just a note to redemtion328

CRs mother is a Koori - an Aboriginal Australian, so if you are, as it looks to me, implying that he's a racist, and has something against coloured people, you're really, Really, REALLY barking up the wrong tree, sport..