The Day at Camp RV

Today was Wednesday otherwise known as Ryan Villopoto day down here in Florida.

Photos by Swizcore

We got out there late and RV only rode one moto and then called it a day so no video from the compound but just like Reed, Ryan had combined the sx and the mx track together to make one "Daytona-ish" track.


He looked good, he was pushing pretty hard and I didn't really see any mistakes. RV won Daytona last year and does anyone want to bet against him?


Nice day in Florida, good to be down here hanging out with these guys.


Swizcore's artsy shot of the FMF Mega-Bomb.


As Swiz commented a few times, it's hard to get a bad shot of RV, he always looks good.


There was this giant chair there where RV would climb up into and look down at all of us little people. Then he would ask for his hossenfeffer...


Of course this being Ryan Villopoto's house, he's got things like this laying around the house. Apparently, he's got a little dinosaur problem.


Swizcore decided to see if he could shoot the .50 caliber handgun. You know, just for kicks.


DreamTraxx had just finished RV's tracks a few days ago and it's pretty sweet. Jason Baker does a nice job finishing a track.