Motocross Captured #33- Rick Johnson

A couple of iconic Rick Johnson shots that you can buy

I started shooting Motocross Photos in 1975 basically just because I liked to but then when I started showing some of the guys I knew who raced they would tell me, hey you should sell those, when I asked them "who would buy these?" they said we would we'll buy them all. Those guys were true to their word and they bought every photo I took of them and that was the start of Buckley Photos. Since then I've shot a ton of local races around here in New England, I'd say 99.9% of the novices that have ever raced in New England have a Buckley photo of themselves hanging in their garage.

I also shot a ton of nationals and supercrosses X Games Gravity games road races GNCC's a little bit everything over the years traveling around the country shooting for almost every motorcycle magazine in the world I guess as well as shooting for almost every motocross clothing and accessory company in America. Want to order a classic print or something else? Go to and we’ll hook you up. Thanks for reading- Paul Buckley


Johnson was the man in 1988 but not on this day when he went 1-6. According to Cycle News, Johnson fell in the first turn with Dubach and Lechien and then fell again while working through the pack. Lechien went on to win the moto! 


Buckley--"This is a shot of Ricky Johnson from Gainesville Florida 1988. Why do I like this one? Who didn't like this gear? Ricky's whole setup was so cool I remember Fran Kuhn laying out his gear in Super Motocross magazine and detailing all the little stickers and patches and transfers that were on his shirt, chest protector, pants and helmet. I'm sure there were hundreds of kids who went out and tried to make their gear look just like RJ's in fact I think there are some grown men these days still trying to duplicate that look."

Johnson went 1-1 on this day in 1986 to beat O'Mara's 3-2. Such a great photo and one you can order from

Buckley--"The shot is from the 1986 Southwick national in the Buckley berm. Looking at this photo it's pretty easy to tell why I've shot thousands of photos in this turn. Ricky Johnson would look good in any corner on any track that he raced on but this track was special even a brand-new 125 novice could look good in it. I can't quite remember if RJ won that year I think he might've but there were a lot of fast guys there that day Ron Lechien, David Bailey, Jeff Ward, Doug Dubach, Bob Hannah just to name a few."