Pulpmx Classic Commentary- Vol 17

'95 Daytona with J-Bone. When Daytona was during the day and even gnarlier than it is now.

A race during the MC era where he doesn't win. Maybe the parade lap tipover(in the video) was a precursor to how his day would go? A cool race with many of the sports legends of the era, check out Daytona '95 with commentary by Jeremy Albrecht and Matthes.


If you an Apple guy and can't watch Flash, below the player is the links for downloads of the show. You can check it out that way as well.


upload issues

not sure if it my provider/server but having major upload/lag issues when viewing the classic commentary from the site thru quicktime.........would love to download on Itunes asap and view without issue when its possible, thx

Hey krash,

Classic Commentaries are available on iTunes. Just search "pulpmx" then click Classic Commentary and "subscribe".

love these matthes, keep up

love these matthes, keep up the killer work.


You tell 'em Matthes! I applaud you for your patience with some of the jerkys' out there. Keep up the good work!


Ringer, you should probably not watch these if you're going to get that upset over it. It's easy to know the numbers when you can go and look them up and then come back here and rip on us. Or maybe you knew them off the top of your head.

Good job.

Anyways, part of the fun is us wondering who was what number and then we go off on a story about that guy, whether its him or not. It's all part of the fun.

For some of us anyways..

Classic commentary

I've said it before and I'll say it again; classic commentary is...wait for it...LEGENDARY! Albrecht is comedic gold. I've watched everyone of these and I think I'll go back and watch them all again. More classic commentary please!

Classic Commentary

Awesome commentary! I really like Albrecht's comments, they're hilarious. ringer-you're a dooshbag if you don't like the commentary then don't watch it moron


Please ringer enlighten us with your massive amount of knowledge oh great one.


You're pathetic. You dont know this sport in modern day, you especially dont know it 1995. Fucking idiot.

24 LUSK not Denny

2 LaRocco not FRO

12- Damon Huffman not Chicken

I enjoy these shows you put together just do youself and the viewers a favor. Either learn a little about the sport prior to opening your mouth during the taping of the show, or just let the guest talk.