PulpMX Classic Commentary Vol.24

Ping and I sit down to comment on the scientifically-proven, "Fastest Whoop Blitz in History".

David Pingree was one of the hottest young up and comers in 1996. On the powerful Pro Circuit Kawasaki team and in the lead early on in the Anaheim 125 main event, the sky was the limit for Ping. And then it all went downhill from there. But now, years later, Pingree tells us all about while we watch the 125 and 250 main events from Anaheim 1996.

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Classic Commentary Vol. 24- Anaheim 1996


Oh man...

Why can't these classic commentary vids play on my PC? They get 10-30 seconds in, then freeze forever. Can you please swap out the vid player you're using, or something? Thx.,