PulpMX Classic Commentary Vol.30

It's 1998, Jeremy McGrath was on a new bike, a new team and questions remained going into the fourth round at Seattle


Team manager Larry Brooks of the Chaparral Yamaha team sits down with myself and reflects on the signing of McGrath, the early season results, McGrath's teammate Jimmy Button and everything that went down all those years ago. Click on the link above to watch and listen to the race.

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Henry on the 4-stroke

I was at this race, as i was at all the Seattle sx's from 88-99. Anyways, what I remember from this race was at about the 20 minute mark or so in your video when they were showing Doug Henry. If you notice there was a left hand turn before the big tripple in the middle of the track. All the two-strokes went wide in the turn before to get a run to clear the triple...Henry rolls to the inside, grabs a handful and clears the jump easily. I remember him doing this lap after lap because his bike was sooo loud when he would grab that handful of throttle. Such a clear advantage he had in that situation.

I also remember, being a northwest guy, how bummed I was when Lusk went by Ward and knocked him off the podium.