Pulpmx Point/Counterpoint

The new class names for Supercross are great. Or are they? Swizzle and I hash it out


Matthes- I applaud the guys at Feld and the FIM and perhaps AMA for changing the class names from Supercross and Lites to 450SX and 250SX. Any listener to my podcasts or Pulpmx Show knows my feelings on the old names. They were simply ridiculous and in talking to a high-ranking official a couple of weeks ago, I’d like to apologize for the old names taking so long to get changed. You see according to this official my constant railing on the current class names on Twitter and on these shows made it impossible for the powers that be to change the names so as to not look like they were catering to me.

Now I’m not sure if that’s true or not but whatever the case is, happy days are here again. 450SX and 250SX make SO much more sense, it’s not even funny. You couldn’t stick with the old 250 and 125 names for obvious reasons but I’m pretty sure the only thing that would have made it worse would have been to name the classes after THE ACTUAL NAME OF THE SPORT. This would be like saying the L.A Dodgers play in the baseball division of baseball. Huh?


So as much as Swizzle is going to go on and on about how they missed the mark, they didn’t- they got it right and is it perfect? No but it’s pretty damm close.


Swizzle- Are you flipping kidding me?! This is like shooting fish in a barrel, or taking candy from a baby. I honestly feel like Johnny Knoxville in The Ringer right now. You can’t honestly and seriously think you have a shot in hell at making a more valid point than me in this argument!

You even make my own point for me in your defense when you say “you couldn’t stick with 250 and 125 for obvious reasons”. REALLY!? The logic behind the reason for choosing the names is as flawed, maybe not as reprehensibly idiotic, but just as flawed as the previous “Supercross” and “Supercross Lites” monicors.

Yeah yeah yeah, I hear you devils-advocates(as you like to call yourselves), “how many times have the displacements changed over the years”? You know what smart-guy, that’s not the effing point. The point in formulating a solution for any problem; conceived, proposed, or realized; is that it is fool proof and stands the test of time. It’s got to be future-proof or it’s horseshit.

This is so maddening to me because of how EASY it would be to get it right. It’s what I have been railing about in Swizcorner for two years now. SX1 and SX2. No displacement indication and couldn’t be simpler for everyone. Fans, and leisure-fans alike. It is indeed, FUTURE-PROOF and dead simple.

It’s mind-boggling to me that as smart as the guys are who run the show at Feld, this “band-aid” of a solution was ok’d by them when there was at minimum, one glaringly obvious cure to this epidemic failure of a solution.

I’m not the slightest bit confused why you think this is ok for a solution. You’re a “good enough” guy, I am a push the concept until it can’t be questioned person who won’t relent until I’m convinced the solution is concrete. This solution is play-doh

Swizcore, OUT.


Matthes: Please Swizzle, please for the love of god don’t use Stillwell’s “signature” catch-phrase. It’s beneath you. I can see now that you’re the type of guy that would win 10 million in a lottery and complain that it wasn’t 100 million. Geez, for one it’s 1000% better than what it was (your assertion that it’s “as flawed” as the Supercross and Lites class names is unbelievable. Like, I want a drug test done on you ASAP) and it also lines up nicely with what MX Sports has done in the outdoors. As in, there’s symmetry (something I know you love) between the series. Had you gone to SX1 and SX2 we’d be back to explain what the differences is between indoors and outdoor racing. It’s not a band-aid, it’s a solution. With the economy the way it is, do you see the displacement sizes changing anytime soon? Breaking news Swizzle- the 350 thing doesn't work. We’re good on the displacement thing.

Again, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. We’re good now- let’s just worry about these PulpMX people who are going to assassinate us because of your precious Apple IOS bug.


Swizzle- You shut your mouth when you talk to me about the very bane of my existance that is, the iOS bug from Hell. I’m glad you picked up on my Stillwell reference. The love child of Ryno and Jlaw.  Anyway, no, if I won a $10 mil lottery, I wouldn’t complain it wasn’t $100 mil… but I would complain about the government taxing the crap out of it. I’m reasonable, that which you are not. You are taking this lying down, right up the tail pipe and I refuse to accept it.

Regarding the 350 not working, of course it doesn’t work when you line it up against 100cc larger motors. What moron could honestly believe there’s no disadvantage there? It’s not a theory, it’s math mixed with physics. Proven.

How did we end up in this land of milk, four-strokes and honey? Oh that’s right, Yamaha built a purpose-crafted thumper to take advantage of yet another failure of a sanctioning rule. Don’t think for a second that the prospect of 450cc’s changing is a pipe-dream.

In the end, this classification name will prove a failure to all as it already is to me. I won’t say I told you so. I’ll be too busy building the worlds biggest soap-box ever and renting a scissor lift to get on top of it.

Rollerball agrees with me.


Matthes: Don’t you ever bring Rollerball into this. You just wrote a 226 word comeback to me where you addressed why a 350 doesn’t work and why we are now in a four-stroke world thanks to AMA’s short sightedness and Yamaha’s ingenuity but only 46 on why the class name change makes you so mad. Just relax, be happy and understand that this is a great change for the sport and one that’s long overdue.

Long live 450SX and 250SX!! 


MX/SX are not the only motorsporst with multiple classes/displacements. The casual observer doesn't care. You guys are too close to the debate. SX and SX Open would be my vote. (MX & MX Open) All pro classes only. Name the amateurs whatever suits your fancy.

...your love-fest with the class sizes will of course prove Swizzle right some time in the future. What if that AMA suddenly decides to change the rules so the two-smokes can compete again? What if 350 two strokes are allowed to compete with the 450 four-strokes? Heck, what if 350 two-strokes are allowed to compete with the 250 four strokes? What if the AMA decided to cap all displacements to 400cc?

Plus, now you have to know what era you're referring to when you're bench racing...you can't talk about how great RJ was in 250 Supercross to a young punk...they'll think you're talking about him racing a 250 four-stroke. Same thing goes for talking about the "250 class" in outdoor MX, as well...

The AMA really screwed the whole class/name thing up when they wrote the rulebook to allow the four-strokes to have a displacement advantage against the two-strokes.


...your love-fest with the Euro-inspired SX1 and SX2 DOES have a flaw in it. You and I know how the classes stack up, but what about the casual observer? So let's pretend I'm Joe Six-pack who is flipping channels and stumbles across this Supercross thingy. Okay, how is this laid out?...SX1 and SX2...okay, so is it that you start in the SX2 class and then move up into the SX1 class because "1" is at the top of the list? or is it that you start in the SX1 class and move up into the SX2 class because '2" is greater than "1", so it's better...kinda like getting a Rousch Stage III Mustang is way more kick-ass than a Stage II or Stage I Mustang? In other words, start at level "1" then move up into level "2", etc? Is that how SX1 and SX2 work?

See what I mean? It's still not intuitive about which is the "big-boy" class...same goes for MX1/MX2.