Tell Us Another Story, Damon Bradshaw

Part two of a three part series where Damon tells us the story behind the photo.

Damon at the Daytona SX in 1989


"This picture is from Daytona in 1989, I’m on a 125 racing the east coast series for Yamaha. I don’t remember much from the day but I do know that I won pretty easily and I want to say that I wasn’t challenged much. I just remember that year was obviously really good for me, I won a lot of races. We had a pretty decent 125 also but I don’t think it was quite on par with the Honda’s back then. They always had pretty killer 125’s back then and my bike was a lot of work to make fast. I do know that we could not have gotten anymore out of it, my mechanic Mike Chavez was the king of jetting it and making it the best it could be. It was probably a little bit of an underdog but on 80’s, it was the same way because Kawasaki made great 80’s. I knew that and accepted that. It was motivation for me to beat the guys that had the better equipment. We did the best job with the equipment that we were given.

So I had won on Daytona on a mini-bike and I think this day went as planned. The bike worked well and I was riding pretty good. I don’t remember racing with anyone, I think it was wire-to wire. I don’t know if my main rival Mike Kiedrowski was fast this day or not, I want to say that Denny Stephenson was going pretty well on the Kawasaki.

This gear was cool, I liked it and one of my more favorite outfits for sure."


Damon Bradshaw

GOOD OLD DAYS: ORIGINALY FROM Canton, Salem Ohio Now living in South Eastern US and Hawaii part of the year!

I've seen the best of the best from midwest and east coast for over 40 years now 48 yrs old. I've been to all the National tracks past and present and worked at Kenwortys, Steel City, Mt.Morris High Point and Red Bud Buchanan MI some for over 25 years even the old Mid Ohio USGP in lexington Oh and the fall Trans Usa days. I should start getting out the old photos and start scanning I have plastic tubs full of them. I would be hear for another lifetime but it would be worth it.

I saw Damon Bradshaw he was at lorreta lynns in 1984 85cc Stock (7-11)
1. Jimmy Button, AZ, HON
2. Damon Bradshaw, NC, YAM
3. David Beckington, MI, KAW

1985 as a 12 year old

85cc Stock (12-13)
1. Damon Bradshaw, NC, YAM
2. Jeff Daily, OR, KAW
3. Brian Swink, MI, KAW

85cc Modified (12-13)
1. Damon Bradshaw, NC, YAM
2. Junior Jackson, IL, KAW
3. Brian Swink, MI, KAW

Then Mt. Morris PA ( High Point ) following that with a Hot mom- big transporter - even before all the factory guys had them.

People were everywhere like he was elvis checking this kid out. It was an exhibition moto after Big Boy practice. Damon was on an yz 80 doing the triples down the boulavard which would be named later {Bradshaw Boulavard } going higher and farther than the big guys Johnson, Omara, Ward, all the big names and everyone was like this is the real shit it was very exciting in those day's.

The only kid out of the big rig, you talk about a kick stand!!! You just looked at the folks standing around you at the time, everyone had the Big Cheshire grins.. That was cool