Win a Spot on the Pulpmx Show!

You can experience the magic first-hand!

Win a Spot on the Pulpmx Show!

Are you a superfan of the Pulpmx Show? Do you sit there on Monday nights and listen to the soothing sounds of Kenny and Matthes? Do you want to actually see the Tits Legendary in action as he sort of pays attention to the show?

Here’s your chance because courtesy of the shows sponsors, X Brand goggles, JGRMX, FMF Racing, Works Connection, AGV Helmets, Kicker and O’Neal, we’re flying you and a guest out to sit in the studio during a taping of the show!

But like everything in life, there’s a catch and this one is that you have to write in and tell us why you belong in the studio. Make it funny, make it sad, prove to us why you should be granted this chance and send in the submissions to pulpmxshow [at] gmail [dot] com

All submissions must be 500 words or less, single spaced, Arial font and size 12 font (we do this to make sure you are smart enough to be with us grand wizards) and all entries must be in by May 5th, 2011.

We will narrow it down to the top three and then those ones will go up on and we’ll also get the top three on the show to plead their case as to why they should win this trip. The ultimate decision will lay with Matthes, Mr Legendary and Kenny if he cares enough to read them.

The winner will receive a flight for two to Las Vegas, Nevada, two nights at the luxurious “H” hotel and a small rental car. The date of the show contest will be mutually agreed on by the winner and Pulpmx Show inc.

The winner will probably also get some free stuff from our shows sponsors when we ask them as well, if Kenny is in good enough of a mood, you will get a tour of the Hart & Huntington race shop.

Unfortunately this contest is open to people who can fly out of somewhere in the USA to Las Vegas. Canadians, this means you have to drive across the border. Everyone else in the world, go hang yourself.

People who are not eligible for this contest are F.O.S (Friends of the show) Swizcore, Moser and Nash although we haven’t fully decided on Nash as of this writing.

So get cracking on this and show us why you deserve to win this contest!

Thanks to show sponsors, X Brand Goggles,, FMF Racing, AGV Helmets, Works Connection, Oneal and Kicker!


Awesome Idea....

This is a great contest. Hopefully I can come up with something witty enough to make the top 3!!

r u kidding me?