The MXdN is just something we have got to get back on track folks.

The glory days are officially over, America. We have been given the business for enough consecutive years to make that an indisputable fact. Sure, Jason Anderson was literally kamikaze’d after the flag last year to justify, in my mind certainly, the first true asterisk in the history of the sport… but that doesn’t put us any closer to regaining the top spot at the Motocross Olympics.
What am I talking about? The fact that the biggest race in the sport, the race that all top racers of yesteryear would prefer to fight for above all others, has now become a sacrifice prompted by the Taurine and Caffeine pedaling drink sponsors. You know, those beverages who essentially and literally seem to run this sport much like a parasite commands it’s vessel. It really shouldn’t comes as a big shock to us nowadays with integrity and pride becoming much more extraordinary...

The specifics are reconfigured but the stakes are strangely similar.

This starts off with some SX review but stick with me, I bring it around in the end.
Think back if you will to the recently concluded Supercross Series. Ryan Dungey of Factory KTM set off in quest of his 3rd straight Supercross title. Ken Roczen looked indomitable until he faltered and became dominated for the remainder of 2017. Ryan did what he does and remained ridiculously consistent from round 1 through round 17 and left it to the other players to make it interesting. Eli Tomac began the year looking confused and uncomfortable, much like he spent essentially all of 2016 when he was in his rookie stint aboard the Factory Kawasaki. Marvin Musquin would shine brightly at times, while others he could appear utterly average (for a factory level rider anyhow).
As the series ebbed along, Marvin look phenomenal, like the Frenchman was the elite rider...

You're probably just coming out of your Redbud hangover, so I'll keep it easy on the eyes.

Look! It's a ClubMX class reunion on the podium.


Harrison blew everyone's wig back at Redbud. Home track or not, that was an IMPRESSIVE display. He was not going down without a fight and even when you expected him to fall inline, he pressured the leaders!...