15 rounds in, it’s all about small victories.

Photos By: Mike Sweeney

It’s that time of year folks. The time of year when the Supercross title-fights are winding down and all but a handful of riders are shifting focus from this series to the next. Ryan Dungey has the 450 title all but wrapped up and for the #5(#1) there has to be a modicum of relief with the way Ken Roczen has been making strides in the last few weeks.

Kenny took a lot longer to figure out his Suzuki than anyone in his camp would have preferred, especially considering he’s poised to make yet another manufacturer change for 2017. With as good as he’s looked the last 3 weeks, it seems absolutely crazy to think he would yet again jump to a new bike where he’ll have to get comfortable, up to speed and fine tune all in the hopes to get back to where he seems to have just arrived at round 13 of this series.


Call it what you want but I call it an open letter to Jason Anderson.

Lead Photo By: James Lissimore

As a fan of racing, Jason, it’s been pretty awesome to watch you race the last few years. You came out of the amateurs as a Horizon Award winner and secured a ride giving you a shot at your dream. The transition to pro racing was troublesome in the beginning and your team, empathetically mandated a break to get your head straight.

In most cases, I would have assumed it was just another name on the list of one and done prodigies who didn’t pan out. That list is long and ever-growing. No shame, albeit heartbreaking. You broke that mold though and whatever you did during your forced hiatus (apparently you gained perspective) when you returned, things were looking promising and that was a welcome change from what had been your prior debut.

As your racing achievements accumulated and your finishes improved, the methods with which you...

Just when you think another Dungey holeshot equals a snooze-fest.

Lead by: James Lissimore

It’s no wonder the West coast has so many rounds of Supercross, I mean the industry is based out there but it’s also no surprise to me that those left coast races have been playing musical chairs.

The Pacific standard timezone has some crappy dirt. It’s a lot like all those sunny days in my opinion. Without changing seasons and a glimpse of Mother Nature’s fury, you never really appreciate the beautiful days. California has one kind of dirt, dry and baked. Add all the water you want but it’s still going to end up having the same characteristics as it’s climate dictates.

All the west coast races turn out to be a revolving cast of the same surface, reshaped and in front of different and dwindling audiences. They move around the races, add another San Diego here, take away another Anaheim there but in the end, the fans know what they are gonna get...