Things are about to get weird at the Factory.

Lead Photo By: James Lissimore

Story Photos By: Michael Antonovich

Things are certainly getting a little out of the realm of normalcy in the Ryan Dungey era. We have never seen what we have seen in the last two weeks. The guy who has always been a gamer for the full race duration (and then some), has seemingly been left a tad on the breathless side well before the checkers have waved in both Dallas and more shockingly, his home race in Minneapolis.
The theories on what is going on with Dungey are widely ranging. Everything from burnout, Epstein Barr/Mono and Ken Roczen’s crash being unshakeable to him just not being willing to risk a serious injury of his own on these 2017 beaten down tracks. We may never find out just what is the pinpoint cause for this new iteration of Ryan Dungey but the end result is the same through two rounds; his teammate,...

At first glance, the Dallas track looked like a candidate for a Fox “Dream On” ad.

Lead Photo By: Michael Antonovich

I bought in just like most people who saw the Dallas track. It had that beautiful Atlanta-looking red clay but that’s where the comparisons with the holy-grail of SX creations ends. After watching only a few laps of qualifying sessions, it was already becoming quite clear, this track had far too many jumps to make for a great race-centric track.
It had the feel of a track designed by someone who didn’t know much about Supercross. Someone who was given a footprint to fit a track layout in, strewn with jumps and a few corners. It really, most accurately felt like a Mad Skills or Straight Rhythm track reciprocated and curled around itself. Places for passes to be setup and executed were few and far between, bordering on nonexistent. I love Dean Wilson and he has absolutely been riding very well in his...

The unfolding or the unraveling?

Photo By: James Lissimore
There are a few things at play in the 450 class that are far beyond what meets the eye. With the jigsaw puzzle that has been Eli Tomac and his LENGTHY assimilation to the KX450, things are finally falling into place for Factory Kawasaki. At the same time, fan discussions are buzzing with rumor, concern and contemplation as to what is going on with Ryan Dungey? 
At face value, it would appear that Eli has found some magical setting that eluded him for the first full year aboard the green machine. With regard to Ryan Dungey, it just looks like he has had a couple bad races. Lets be clear here, these “bad” races for the 3 time and two-time consecutive 450 champ, happen to be scored 3,2…. Plenty of racers would love to have bad nights such as these. 
Since I am utterly baffled by the sudden and overdue...