I’ve been thinking about an odd comparison for a while, my TV guide pushed me over the edge for this weeks topic.

Photos By: Simon Cudby

One of my all time favorite movie series’ is Beverly Hills Cop. What’s not to like?! It embarked on it’s historic foundation with Eddie Murphy in his “RAW”-ness and was filmed in Detroit with one of the most authentic 80’s soundtracks to this day. The first Beverly Hills Cop stands up to this day and by any measure or scale is a cinematic Classic with a capital SEE(See what I did there?).

When this odd comparison popped into my head initially, I did one of those “dog head tilts” as I realized the comparison actually held water; in my brain anyway. So here’s the explanation for what I consider a parallel path between James Stewart’s pro racing career and the Beverly Hills Cop series. As I was flipping through the on-screen guide tonight, what do I find but the...

Looking at the likely victors as we breach the halfway mark of the series.

Photos By: Simon Cudby

I want to look at each class, consider the strengths and weaknesses of those still in a realistic shot at the titles, in a very simplified outline format and then elaborate on how I expect each class to breakdown at Millville this weekend. It’s a good thing Weege doesn’t like PulpMX, me or Swizcorner in particular because as someone who abhors calculating points averages, he’d likely have a stroke over my unabashed and reckless prediction of the coming round. (Hi Weege, “I am Millville”)

First off, I need to preface, my categorization of strengths and weaknesses are considered in a vacuum. Which is to say they are tallied in comparison to the other riders they are battling for the title, NOT in consideration in the class as a whole. For example, when I state that “Endurance” is a weakness of Justin Bogle, that...

Never before has an American-import been adopted, accepted and celebrated to the amplitude as Ken Roczen.

Photos By: James Lissimore and Simon Cudby
It’s no secret that we American’s are damn proud of our history, accomplishments and ability to remain at the forefront of maintaining a balance between freedom, order, accomplishment and opportunity. As we hear seemingly weekly on the PulpMX Show, “these colors don’t run”. Keeping these criterion in mind, I find it a bit surprising, though not at all confusing, that we have welcomed Ken Roczen into our country as well as our hearts and in a dominant role no less.
Perhaps the only thing that fluctuates more rapidly in this sport than rider confidence, is fan “bandwagoneers”.

Photos By: Simon Cudby
We are creatures of habit and if there’s one thing we as humans and more specifically fans of sport love to do, it’s predict victors. Motocross may be a high-priced niche sport but that doesn’t mean we don’t bring the traditional customs of mainstream sport right into our midst. Prior to the season, we spout off the arguments and reasonings behind our own expectations of who will own the lions-share of wins come seasons end. Just like the sun rising and water flowing downhill, those predictions see quick and highly contrasting amendments as the moto’s click off and the unexpected happens.
Just look at the most...

The day we all had previously pined for, has come... well, it’s in the on-deck circle anyway.

For the previous decade our beloved niche sport was gaining steam, we just knew it was growing and would ultimately be realized as the most entertaining form of sport around. Salaries were increasing in monumental sums, the equipment was advancing to levels that would have bordered on science fiction a few short years earlier. The bikes were more expensive and capable than ever, every team of substance showed up in 18-wheelers, a few privateer-collective efforts as well and racers employed drivers for their motorhomes as well which allowed them a greater sense of comfort throughout the race-day.