Feld has done something I never imagined possible.


Photos by: James Lissimore


There’s a lot of blame tossed around the industry when something controversial occurs. Often, the finger of blame is targeted in multiple directions, mostly due to confusion, and Feld is regularly included in the group of “individuals” who find themselves in the crosshairs.


You’ve no doubt read on PulpMX at times over the years...

No, that is not implicating James... I can’t take some of you seriously.

Photos By: Jani Hovi


A couple weeks back when we saw James unable to line up for round-two of the series, I waxed on about how I hoped we’d see him back healthy this series. I was genuinely concerned that all the head trauma from years of pushing the speed(and helmet capabilities) to the limit and beyond was going to become a debilitating roadblock for James.


When he couldn’t make it past practice at...

Evolution is usually a word linked to progress.


Lead Photo By: James Lissimore


I’ll be the first to admit that I, like many fans, have found myself respecting Chad Reed more and more as he gets older and continues to mature. He’s honest and shows no regard for creating a line of separation between perception and reality. Chad Reed’s evolution has been on an ascent for years and appears to continue that pattern as 2016 continues to unfold.