It’s the “off-season” and we’ve got a week buffer before the MXdN so I’m going to write outside the lines of specifically moto this week.


A few rounds into the 2014 MX series we caught wind of a top racer having tested positive for a banned substance during the SX series. The wolves were unleashed on this topic as we all focused in our sights on the culprit and wanted blood, or at least swift justice and an actual punishment to be handed down to him. I was in this group of people who felt this was a simple process of “here’s the rules” and “here’s the punishment for infringing upon them”. But no, as with all things in the American legal system both public and sporting, there is a protective barrier put in place for the guilty, even the...

One of the beauties of writing for PulpMX, I can subtitle my column with cult classic movie quotes with only a modicum of relevance and not get flack for it.

Photos By: Simon Cudby

If there is a single person who is reading this and confused on the subtitle on this weeks column, I pity you. After reading the rest of Swizcorner, not before, your next task is to Red Box, Netflix, iTunes, Blockbuster or Family Video yourself a copy of Point Break. Like watching “Rudy” or playing high school football, it’s a right of passage on your way to becoming a man.

Last year the Utah track had it’s debut and in the words of one Jason Thomas, it resembled “Chernobyl” during the absolutely amazing sandstorm during the second 250 moto. Not exactly an awesome condition while bouncing your 40 horsepower race-steed off the rev limiter in traffic (luckily there were no Camels navigating this common desert condition). Even with this...

Pro riders are picky.

Photos By: Simon Cudby

Calling the top gun’s picky isn’t a slight toward them, they know it as well as anyone. It’s embedded into their DNA as they rise through the amateur ranks. Riders who not only have the resources to cater their machines to their personal tastes but also possess the ability to dictate those desires to the specialists, are in the best position to excel and rise above. Given that the 40 rider gates at the Lucas Oil Nationals are comprised of many of these type-A personality racers, the tracks are rarely given a necessarily optimistic report card by said racers. Red Bud has long been the standard track on the National schedule that the majority of racers will openly voice their love for. It’s got elevation changes, big air, insane fans and the most important factor, great soil (albeit with some artificial manipulation; which in itself is another reason riders appreciate it: The...

This one goes out to all you racers putting in honest, hard work; for all the wrong reasons.

Photos By: Simon Cudby

Spoiler alert: If you are 10 years old or younger, stop reading here. Sorry, everyone else, keep your eyes glued to the following paragraphs.

I’ve been so entrenched in moto for such a long time that I often catch myself looking at the rough edges and prickly aspects of moto as unique to this sport. I think we all do it. As passionate lovers of Motocross, it gets pretty easy to get a sort of tunnel vision and think that those pitfalls are shortcomings which hinder the growth of our sport but actually, they are usually typical for sporting and life in general, just with our own little niche-twists.

“You’re only as good as your last race”

The first example of this is the often cited, “you’re only as good as your last race”. While this is...

From “rooning” the sport, to orchestrating the tag-team mockery of the “Word of the Day”, this former Englishtown flagger must be throttled.

There has been a sub-surface shustling of the tectonic plates over the last few race-season’s in “our sport”. 
Let’s start from the origins of this catastrophe, shall we?
A man who once strutted his stuff under the guise “Pretty Boy” in his garage-based “backyard wrestling” foundation, moved sloth-like into “our” beloved sport from the far reaches of the northeast. A proud New Jerseyian, this Barry Carsten worshiping social-butterfly got his first taste of moto from the magazines his father brought home from his 9 to 5 at Bel-Ray Lubricants. When a young Jason Weigandt wasn’t spending money(and quite honestly that was and is...