Nobody doubts Dean Wilson's skills or capabilities but racing has not been kind to him for a while now.

Photos By: James Lissimore

Let me start off by prefacing that we here in the Swizzle household are fans of the likable Scottsman. He’s laid-back, always smiling, optimistic and full of heart. That being said, over the last two years I continually find myself bewildered and asking myself, “what is up with Dean?”


As this series has progressed and the injuries have mounted to disturbing numbers, I have to find the sub-stories I find most intriguing. I’m a fan of all racers who give it their all and make racing as a whole great. It’s because I love intriguing and intense race action that I can be a fan of RV, Reed, Stewart and...

The second stop in Texas brought a tough track, crashes and cautious riding.


Photos By: James Lissimore


Almost every season around this time we are doled out a wet noodle of a race. Whether it’s the points situation, shattered hopes, injury, track design, dirt or apathy and exhaustion; the lengthy 450 series sets itself up for a snoozer. This year in Houston we saw a little bit of everything added in to the mix to make this round pretty forgettable. Setting up the night was the word that James Stewart, winner of the last 3 straight, was ill and had been the whole week leading up to Houston. Unlike...

Over the years St.Louis has seen it’s fair sure of climactic action from debilitating, series-altering injuries to full-contact passes. 2014 met some of that criteria.

Photos By: The James Lissimore


St.Louis is a great stop on the circuit. The track surface is one of the most tractable in the series and for that reason, confidence and daring is at a peak for riders. Think back to Trey Canard’s rookie Supercross season when he put the infamous move on Ryan Villopoto which sent him chest ward into the finish line scaffolding. It was a bold move for a rookie to pull on the class champ but the dirt just had Trey feeling frisky. Flash-forward to the 2010 season when...

Between sickness, a malicious whoop section and a reincarnated James Stewart, Toronto was just plain unique.

Photos By: James Lissimore


With the rumor floating around that Toronto got axed for 2015, fans are certainly a bit bummed but I bet you’d be hard pressed to find a single rider on the gate who is screaming from the mountain tops that this is an injustice. The additional work for teams is a real headache and riders need to make sure their healthcare coverage will be accepted up there, among other requirements for this now solo-international race. Don’t get too excited now, there are mumblings of Montreal coming back which would leave this whole fire...

Supercross returned to the Motor City and the fans made it worth Feld’s effort.

Photos by: Thee James Lissimore

It seems like a lifetime ago, in terms of Supercross season’s, that the series made the stop in Detroit. The Pontiac round of decades-past was an elite weekend of racing for fans and racers alike but when the Lion’s moved into their new home, the Silverdome got stuck in a sort of netherworld. This suspending-living turned into lack of maintenance and level of decay that found the Silverdome no longer a viable stop for the series. The Lions’ new home, Ford Field became the new Michigan venue for the Supercross series from 2006-2008 but clearly it takes more than a shiny new multi-million dollar hosting facility to bring the series to your town. Scheduling needs to line up and the fans need to make it worth the promoters efforts to put on the show.

As racing-purists we all like to believe that it’s racing above all else but that’s...