People always say it, "Hangtown is it's own animal" or "Hangtown means nothing".

Photos By: Simon Cudby

We can check the first National of the year off the list and we saw much of what had been anticipiated, as well as a few surprises. There's one thing we know for sure, Hangtown rarely gives a true glimpse as to what will pan out over the course of the rest of the season on a typical year. This year had the additional twist of anticiapted rain with track prep altered to accomodate the pending wet climate. Although there was some precipitation, it was no where near what had been anticipiated and thus the track was not nearly the rough animal Hangtown usually becomes.

As such, I'm going to lean away from much of the cerebral introspection which Swizcorner is usually comprised of and instead, use some great Cudby eyecandy presenting the guys I found to have interesting days at round one. Next week, more cerebral reading yall!!


Professor Swizzlestick is in with his 2016 450 Supercross marks.Lead Photo By: James Lissimore

I like to take the week following the final round of a given series to really look at the season as a whole on a per rider basis. I take into account what I had anticipated of them prior to the series kick off, any troubles they dealt with or overcame during the series and of course, hoe they ended up when the final checkered flag fell.

Here we go folks, the 2016 Supercross report cards for the top 20 in 450 Supercross.

1. Ryan Dungey A- : Ryan Dungey was of course the favorite as the series kicked off. He had a full pre-season boot camp with Aldon Baker for the first time and having seen the drastic improvements to the Ryan Dungey Machine in 2015 after joining Aldon, we all knew he was going to be even better this year. And he was. He had the inside lines on nearly every main event start of the series and unbelievably, no...

In any language it seems crazy.Lead Photo: Mike Sweeney

It’s no secret that in this sport, as in many, you’re only as good as your last race. Ken Roczen has been on an absolute tear during the closing rounds of this 2016 Supercross season. He even vocalized as much following his race win in East Rutherford this past weekend, stating that he believes he is now peaking.

That could be a good thing as we head into the outdoors but is that really the long game you want to play versus the perennial “gamer” for the whole of every series he competes in, Ryan Dungey? Perhaps it was coming into the Anaheim opener at less than 100% that set Ken back in his preparation but what ever the circumstance, Ken had to know that he was a longshot for this title from the onset because he had to know that his peak would be much later than optimal and he also knew that Ryan Dungey would be his typical elite-self.

It’s not really Ken’s late peak I’m...