"Life moves pretty fast.”

There’s plenty of instances in life that heed you to take pause and reflect on progress, achievement and change, I never expected eclipsing 300 internet radio broadcasts would be one of those things for me.
Having been part of PulpMX since early 2009, Steve, Pookie, JT and I are the shortlist of those who have been on board through all 300. It’s crazy. I remember the first email I sent Steve which started our relationship from that year and looking back now it seems like the topic of a “live online motocross radio show” was at least a couple years into our correspondence, alas it was merely months. I thought the idea was a little far-fetched. DMXS predated the idea by a long ways but from the first explanation Steve sent me of what he wanted to do, honestly left me thinking in a completely different direction. The idea that Steve’s show could be considered relative to DMXS never occurred to me and...

This is what racing could always be like.

It’s so crazy to me how confidence works in our sport. It’s fleeting, it’s evasive and eternally in limbo. In the early days of the sport, like any sport, before the specifics and intricacies of the minutia were analyzed with a fine microscope, winners were many and revolving. As the years progressed and little pieces of training programs worked for certain successful racers, others took notice and emulated. Many of these tactics were more coincidence than a result of and as such created a false pretense of which was the correct path to follow.
In recent years, and when I say recent I mean the early ’90’s, as  these training programs were truly whittled down to the truly proven path to success and elitism the premiere class came to be ruled by an elite few and they ruled for many years. The confidence these individuals managed to corral was of indescribable importance and...
Two rounds in and the 450 class is wide open.

You may be confused by the title of this Swizcorner. “Hibernity” looks like a real word but it is not. Alas, I’m sure you can venture an accurate guess of what it really means. It’s a name for a desolate prison island in a book from one of my favorite authors. Hibernity is a from which there is no escape and the imprisoned may as well be hibernating for eternity.
My usage of the term in this instance is fully related to the ending of the era that was Ryan Dungey’s domain. The premiere class of this sport has been utterly dominated by a select group of racers since McGrath came on the scene in ’93. Ryan Dungey’s somewhat surprisingly-timed retirement has left a void in that tradition of dominance. Eli Tomac’s speed in Supercross this year would lead all of us to believe that he was going to take the reigns of dominance and and hold them securely for the post-Dungey era,...