It’s crazy how quickly your periphery and focus can swap without you even noticing.

Following yesterday mornings Motocross des Nations results, somber, bewildered and reeling were seemingly appropriate emotions, waking this morning though, it was another reality check and snap back to focus that have become all too common in the last couple decades.

Trying to compartmentalize the reprehensible massacre executed in Las Vegas last night is obviously difficult but I will ask that you simply pray for those who were killed or injured and their loved ones to work through the pain and achieve as much of a sense of normalcy as possible in their forever altered future. The more this shit happens, the more it seems to cauterize our hearts and numb our response and that is tragic in itself.

Back to the Track
Leading into this years Motocross des Nations, I looked at the American team as for sure underdogs. I...

An open letter to the Seven.

Hi James,

Now seems like a pretty poignant moment for me to do my best to convey to you, how I feel in regard to your recent incognito period and your future relationship to the sport in general.
I don’t want you to think I believe you owe us anything. Passion got you involved in this sport and through that passion, you crafted a level of skill and daring that at times was unassailable. You awed fans, sponsors and your competitors alike, so in the sense of debts owed, yours are paid in full. You created this unsustainable reputation of not only winning but destroying in spectacular fashion. Sometimes it was destroying the competition and others, it was yourself but even your failures were the result of your hardcoded DNA to wow the fans like you always had from your days on a KX60.
Everywhere you raced, you forced the competition to progress or be left looking foolish and...

Herlings shines and American fans reel.

Lead Photo: ROOGS
I can’t think of a more awkward way to wrap up the American National Motocross Series than by watching one of the most controversial European MXGP stars in recent years come over and lay wood to the field.
Seriously, even if you haven’t been an avid follower of the USGP series, you know the name Jeffrey Herlings. Whether it was his early years in the MX2 class when he was arrogant, unfiltered and most frustratingly— delivered on his claims; or his lengthy stay in the MX2 class where the rules were actually changed to allow him to stay in the class, continuing his dominance… you KNOW Jeffery Herlings.
Due to an injury early in the year, the MXGP title is out of reach for Herlings for 2017 and with the USGP in Florida coming up this weekend, it was a perfect consumption of events to allow the...