What a pickle Monster Energy found themselves in for the 2014 Cup race. Their predominant rider was absent but keeping that million had to feel pretty good.


Photos by: James Lissimore


You know, at least a few times each year during the Supercross series, someone brings up the opinion that the program is too long and they need to get right to the action that matters, quicker. The Monster Energy Cup broadcast is just that, instant action from the moment the broadcast starts... and you know what? I felt like I had an Ice Bucket Challenge dumped on my head in the thick of the deepest sleep of my life....

How did it take nearly 30 years for someone to think, “hmmm, what happens if we straighten out a Supercross track?”

Video Clips Available from redbull.tv


Supercross has been around since the 70’s when it was funded, ironically, by tobacco and alcohol, yet here we are about 3 decades later and Red Bull assembles a truly innovative racing format. I guess there actually IS something new under the sun!


The Straight Rhythm got plenty of comparisons to Excitebike over the past few weeks but lets not kid...

I have something to admit and I’m not at all happy about it.


Lead Photo By: James Lissimore


I tend to fancy myself as a hard worker who puts everything I have into everything I do. I preach it to my boys and feel I do a “one-percenter” quality of effort in that regard. An often heard explanation for my high level of effort is that every breath and every waking second of our existence is unique, we don’t get a second chance at any moment so why not spend those moments at 100% capacity? 



I have access to a lot of moto info that isn’t publicly available but with a full time job, 3 kids and a busy life outside of moto, I don’t ask many of them. Today that changes.

Photos By: James Lissimore


I’m going to skip the opinions and pondering that Swizcorner is usually made up of and simply tee up the untended-to questions which have been swimming the seas of my cranium over the past few weeks. But who to go to for the answers? That’s easy. The first person I thought of asking was Weege but he just had a new baby so right now he’s not exactly in his “I am Southwick” frame of mind. Next on my list was the people’s champ, JT. He’s been too busy...

It’s the “off-season” and we’ve got a week buffer before the MXdN so I’m going to write outside the lines of specifically moto this week.


A few rounds into the 2014 MX series we caught wind of a top racer having tested positive for a banned substance during the SX series. The wolves were unleashed on this topic as we all focused in our sights on the culprit and wanted blood, or at least swift justice and an actual punishment to be handed down to him. I was in this group of people who felt this was a simple process of “here’s the rules” and “here’s the punishment for infringing upon them”. But no, as with all things in the American legal system both public and sporting, there is a protective barrier put in place for the guilty, even the...