Admit it, you asked yourself if he could "do it" at some point in the initial laps.

Weston Peick has really taken the whole “Nihilist” thing and not only run with it, he is an Olympic sprinter with smoke coming off of his melted soles. It still flabbergasts me to think of the strides he has made over only about 3 years. He was literally the dude who would get yelled at by the leaders as they lapped him. He didn’t care. 

If Vicki Golden had a linebacker’s physique and just pinned it, destroying landings and her engine cases, she would be qualifying for mains right now. That’s what Weston did. Through sheer determination and a physical build that allowed him to withstand hits and jarring cases through obstacles, by God he made it to the night show and into Main Events. He didn’t care.


You’re damn right I named this edition after an Outkast album. 

Photos By: Simon Cudby

There’s three reasons I went with the term “ATLiens”. Firstly, the album is on the top ten list of my favorite rap albums ever. Now I’m no rap connoisseur but I knows what I likes. Secondly, Outkast hails from the dirty south, Atlanta more specifically and appropriately. Lastly, there was some crazy stuff happening in Atlanta, Atlanta One, that is and it wouldn’t have surprised me all that much if indeed Aliens were to have been the culprits.

Every season we start off hoping that it will be a knock down, drag-out series of multiple race winners all remaining in the title hunt right down to the last race in Vegas. Leading into A1 in, I believe 2011, the word “parity” really became the buzz term in the sport and bench racing talks as that years group of achieved 250 graduates added to an already stellar cast...

Typically when someone has reached the level of elitism, it’s more a matter of management than tactile improvement.

Photos By: James Lissimore


I gotta say man, I am so impressed with this new Ryan Dungey we have been seeing in his two wins in 2015. Above and beyond the stellar colors Fox has dished out to him in all the KTM-complimenting hues, his prowess on the bike has never looked better. I’m half starting to think that all the griping he was doing to Roger and the Team at the 2013 Motocross DesNations loss, may have really been valid! You remember the talk from Roger about Ryan not being comfortable on the bike and Roger “putting him on blast” with the “Ryan...

And just like that, one title is on the brink of seizure and the 450 series is more than 1/3 complete.


Photos By: James Lissimore


It’s crazy how these things work. After the season starts the weeks click off in rapid succession. It’s certainly a good thing. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun and with the craziness we’ve seen thus far in the 2015 Supercross series, we as fans, have certainly been entertained. At round one in Anaheim it was the red-hot Eli Tomac, coming from a blisteringly dominant off-season overseas race schedule, who faltered and gave himself a highly unenviable...

We're in a state of snow emergency here, so I'm hooking you up with about 30k words in pics.

Photos By: James Lissimore



Dungey had a revelation at A3. Not since maybe his home race in Minnesota last year, has he looked so fast and been the clear alpha-male.


Blake rode well at A3, better than most expected of him but not quite well enough to...