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Photos By: Simon Cudby


Christian Craig had a great bounce-back race at High Point following a sickly result at Muddy Creek.


Remember on last weeks PulpMX Show when DV...

Believe it or not, I’m all fired up about a non-racer today.


Photos By: James Lissimore


I realize we are in the midst of a pretty heated and comparatively exciting outdoor series here in the States. Tomac may be gone but the Dungey vs Roczen battle is shaping up to be even more evenly matched than a year ago and Musquin has actually found a way to stay healthy through 4 rounds and is clearly one of two guys who is all systems go in their chase for the 250 title. Yup, lots of action but I honestly can’t force myself to pretend to be more interested in that than I am about the eerily quiet and puzzling situation surrounding Ryan Villopoto.


Irony on top of coincidence.

Photos By: Mike Sweeney


Well we’ve reached round three of the 2015 National MX Series and FINALLY I feel like I have enough data to actually write about the state of this series. 

Am I the only one who wasn’t exactly buying into the dominating display put forth by Eli Tomac coming into and even halfway through Thunder Valley? Don’t get me wrong, he has been insane. Totally unbelievable. I remember standing in the infield of Unadilla just before Screw-U in 2012; Eli was putting on a clinic. It was blowing my mind. He was going so much faster than everyone else on the day and on a treacherous, beat down track too. I...

What a growth spurt for the pint-sized warrior with the heart of a lion.


Photos by: Simon Cudby and James Lissimore


Contrary to common sense and elementary skills of connecting the dots, this is not going to be about Alex Martin’s supreme EKS Brand goggles and arguing that they deserve the credit for his incredible 2015 MX start. No, the pointless title this week is merely a nod to the current name of the group text we have for the PulpMX Collective +Weege as I like to call it. Hey every group needs an outsider, a dissenting voice and for Steve, JT, Moser and I, that is the former author of one of the most visited blogs on the internet, Blogandt (RIP).


It’s not just the fact that Dungey has secured the SX title.


Man, there have been times in the past when it was hard to find something to write about but… honestly now isn’t one of them.


For a series that now has less drama than your typical late night skin-flick on Skinimax, there is plenty to discuss with your racing buddies. You could start with Dungey winning his 2nd title, 4 years after his first, which happens to be a first. How about the 2nd fastest guy in the 450’s who hasn’t missed a checkered flag but still finds himself nearly 100pts down to the 2015 Champ? Can Eli pinpoint the flaws in either his gameplan or execution? Will he be able to apply them for the outdoor...