It’s the mantra of the Baker’s Factory.

Lead Photo by: James Lissimore
I know there are numbers of you out there watching this Supercross series and whether you fancy yourself a Ryan Dungey fan or not, you are nervous for the Dunge. It’s understandable.
He is a perplexing riddle of late. Remember last year and the early part of this series when Ryan could always and I mean ALWAYS find a way to hug the inside line of the first corner and come out in first or second, regardless of his gate timing? It was almost like nobody else on the line was watching the races and picking up on this technique. He did it so well and so repeatedly that it almost seemed like cheating. A cheat that, bewilderingly, other racers were not picking up on or attempting to execute.
I would watch every main event start and just know exactly what he was going to do and I couldn’t believe the other...

We’ve seen a few iterations of Ryan Dungey over the years and I didn’t think the number 5 had any surprises left in him, especially in this, his possible final year.

In Ryan Dungey’s rookie 450 season, he was a very rigid, technically accurate, though very vanilla racer. A Jeff Stanton, if you will. He had great speed and was already laying down the framework for his now cemented legacy as an incredibly consistent and reliable racer. It was 2010 and though he did have a few things work into his favor, most notably Chad Reed and James Stewart, the prior years title head-to-heads getting together in Phoenix leaving Chad with a broken hand and James with a broken wrist-- Ryan fully earned the 2010 title. Ryan Villopoto gave him everything he had until that disastrous St. Louis crash and even Kevin Windham and Davi Millsaps who finished the year in 2nd and 3rd, had little to offer Dungey in terms of true threat.
This was the first iteration of the...

Avoiding mental errors, physical mistakes and mechanical failures is only part of it.

Lead Photo by: James Lissimore
It’s no secret that Justin Barcia has always been a rider who never shy’s from contact. In all honesty, he may just prefer to leave a little rubber on every racer he overtakes, as opposed to an uncontroversial encounter. Justin had to be brimming with frustration over his sidelining wrist injury just prior to the 2017 Supercross series kickoff but the frustration could only add up to a fraction of what he has brought to the plates of a handful of competitors in only two rounds since his return.
Bam bam is clearly not yet up to race pace and perhaps that has something to do with him racing Royal Rumble style through the two rounds he has participated in. Making contact has always been in Barcia’s blood and instead of taking the long road to get back to race pace, I...