I never thought a series of events could take place where I would not only accept but claim an asterisk in racing.

Lead Photo By: James Lissimore

I looooooong ago took a totally hardline stance regarding the asterisk in racing. I hated it. Believed it to be a bitch-move to claim it and just a catch-all excuse for any race result not ending how said “asterisk-claimee” wished it had, to cling to like a safety net.
Trust me, I’ve thought about this complete flip flop long and hard. And I am someone who prides myself on my pragmatism and logic when coming to conclusions and hardening my resolve into, typically, unwavering belief. It’s just that this instance involving Jason Anderson’s horrific pummeling following the 2nd race of the 2016 MXdN is essentially the silver bullet to my “no asterisks in racing” mantra.
I don’t want to get into the nitty gritty of pointing fingers of blame and all that, that...

It’s Monster’s worst nightmare. Getting what they asked for.

Lead Photo by: James Lissimore
There is no mistaking that the consensus in the PulpMX headquarters as well as probably every other nook and cranny of motocross-fandom, is that the Motocross Des Nations MATTERS! To the grizzled veterans of MX past, it matters. Unfortunately, as dictated by decisions made and subsequent actions, it does not matter to some key top riders nor their key sponsors and/or teams.
They can claim it matters but Monster Energy showed exactly what they think of the Motocross Des Nations by requiring Eli Tomac to line up for the USGP’s and making the MXdN elective. It’s really hard for me to wrap my brain around this. What is the ffing point of making US-series racers line up for utterly meaningless races on US soil in a series they have no skin in? To gain fan attention? Ha! Fan turnout was abysmal DESPITE Eli Tomac...

There's a lot going on in the sport right now you know? Especially for the start of the “off season”.

Lead Photo By: Roogs
The Nationals concluded last week with the Ironman MX. Mother Nature really tried to make it another mudder but it was only mildly messy in the grand scheme of things. There were a number of things unveiled recently, which, if you consider yourself an informed PulpMX fan, you already knew this stuff was coming to fruition. 
Jeremy Martin has already been photographed and published online riding his number 6 Geico Honda in Alias gear. Can you say “bitter ending”? I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeremy was sitting on that CRF250 at 11:59 the Saturday night following the Ironman MX and when Sunday clicked in, he fired it up and began burning laps… Either that or he poured race gas on his Star practice bike and set it ablaze.