It’s not just the fact that Dungey has secured the SX title.


Man, there have been times in the past when it was hard to find something to write about but… honestly now isn’t one of them.


For a series that now has less drama than your typical late night skin-flick on Skinimax, there is plenty to discuss with your racing buddies. You could start with Dungey winning his 2nd title, 4 years after his first, which happens to be a first. How about the 2nd fastest guy in the 450’s who hasn’t missed a checkered flag but still finds himself nearly 100pts down to the 2015 Champ? Can Eli pinpoint the flaws in either his gameplan or execution? Will he be able to apply them for the outdoor...

With the SX Series on snooze mode, I’ve got some thoughts on RV’s task at hand.

Lead Photo by: James Lissimore


If you think back to the first mumblings of Ryan Villopoto heading to Europe and waging battle on the Grand Prix Motocross Series, there was a lot of laughing, rolling of eyes and immediate dismissals of the notion. It sounded just crazy enough that even the most open-minded moto-fan had to err on the side of doubt and assume it was a random dart thrown at the “what’s RV doing” dartboard.


The rumors ebbed and flowed. “RV was going to retire”. “RV was burned out and would forfeit his final...

The fever pitch is pegged in the red… again.

Lead Pic: James Lissimore


Unfortunately, this discussion is thrust to the forefront every single racing year. Sometimes it’s the closing weeks of preparation when riders succumb to injury before they even line up for the first round. Sometimes it is actually at the first round but whenever it happens, talks of rider safety instantly spring to life and they are heated to put it mildly.


I have long been one of the guys saying the power output of the bikes today far exceeds what should try to be contained in a stadium. Displacements need to be addressed. I...

Qualifying for your first Main of the year at round 11 and finishing 21st with a smile.

Photos By: James Lissimore

This one is going to be short and sweet which ironically is quite the opposite of the subject matter who happens to be above average-size and bouncing off the rev limiter in the raditude department.

Adam Enticknap is a prime example of all that is right with the sport of Supercross, all the while traveling the rocky road of struggle. 

He doesn’t have a factory ride, doesn’t dominate qualifying or the LCQ, shit, he isn’t even a shoe-in for fastest privateer but you’d never guess that in a million years because Adam has the absolute best attitude going in the pits. He’s not even the every-man which is what fans usually pull for. He simply has a positive outlook in all situations,. Without question he is a glass half-full guy… I take that back, if you asked him if the glass...

Huh? Yup, I know what you’re thinking…

Photos By: James Lissimore

I know, you think you’ve been watching great racing for the last nine weeks but that was all in your head. I mean, all of our heads because “the series doesn’t start till Daytona”. Everything we’ve seen in the prior 9 rounds never actually happened! I know, it’s crazy, I’m still coming to grips with it too because it seems so damn real!

Remember A1 when Ken Roczen looked to a be a shoe-in for the title? Meaningless. What about perennial-podium guy, Dungey? He missed the podium at A1 and didn’t look comfortable either. He looked like he had a long way to go before he could contend with Kenny. Lest, we forget, that never happened. It was all in your imagination.