Strange, scary things are at hand.

Lead Photo by: James Lissimore
Lately much of the talk in the sport has been surrounding these newly added races to the schedules for many racers and certainly all racer’s sponsored by the promoting title sponsors of said events.
Off-season races are nothing new. Bercy has been around for ages and a great opportunity for a big payday for the top racers to go on exhibition for the overseas fans who wouldn’t get to witness their prowess otherwise. We had the US Open here before it underwent a facelift (honestly a full reconstruction) and became what has been for 5yrs now, The Monster Energy Cup. The Aus-X Open is another off-season race that has obtained intention, though no follow through, from the incredible James Stewart and for 2016 has even managed to bring RV2 back to the gate for a one-off race! There are plenty of other races available to those who may...

It’s something I’ll never understand.

Lead Photo By: James Lissimore
I actually just told a lie in that lead-in sentence. I understand the stalemate of the following conundrum, as a man who prides himself on logistics, efficiency and an OCD-like comitment to pragmatic problem solving, I CANNOT wrap my head around it.
It’s an issue very much related to the recent rash of races added to the schedule by, shocker, the Energy Drinks that appear to be the tail wagging the dog of professional Supercross and Motocross. More specifically, the riders plastered with these drinks’ logos. It’s all about the riders and their inability to take a stand for themselves and by extension a stand for the riders-body that makes up this sport we are all so passionated about.
Situations like this, where “employees” are taken advantage of, are the exact reason workers unions ever came into...

Is my favorite story of the Nationals too good to be true?

Lead Photo By: James Lissimore

There's been a thought bouncing around in the nether regions of my cranium. You know, where most people have memories, both short and longterm? Well my memory is doo-doo and in the place of memories are endless musical lyrics, brainstorms, logistical calculations and this; my concern of the moment.
There is one thing that everyone in the sport seems to agree on top to bottom and left to right. Yamaha’s are really damn fast. The once controversially fast-forward design of the 2010 Yamaha has been reworked through various iterations and over the last six years they really learned some things and no longer are people snickering and shaking their heads when you say YZ450. The big thumper took it’s beatings but so did the extremely dated YZ250F due to it’s polar opposite problem; it saw very few updates to it’s powerplant and thus it’...