PulpmxTV- Top Jimmy Albertson Shadow

The "good guy" of moto hooks up with PulpMX TV at Red Bud and we see exactly how he got his reputation.


is the video gone?

is the video gone?

The Dog- Gilbert

To set things right......The dog is Jimmy's dog. He found it near the Canard compound abandoned two months ago. He named the dog Gilbert and gave him a good home. The "dog yelp" was dubbed in the video. Everyone loves Gilbert!

The portayed behavior is for amusement purposes only.

Nice job guys! Hilarious!

Very well done.

Very well done.

From what I've seen, and heard from him (he did a great job with some commentary, and interviews last year in the GPs), Jimmy is the exact opposite of this character he played so well.

Perhaps he's picked up a few pointers from his mate Canard. He's a funny blighter too.

Jimmy's a credit to US motocross - such a shame he was not able to stay in Europe. I hope he can get the results to pick up more support next year, Canard is helping him out - obviously a good buddy.

I hope that was canned Puppy fear, Matthes.

Or perhaps, it was real fear, after the poor little fella was told you were his new owner...............


More videos like this. I was laughing sooo hard at the voice over when he was riding hhahahha. The motocross industry needs more personality like this, instead of being robots and so uptight about everything. Motocross is suppose to be fun and people forget that. Awesome video. Keep it up.

Top Jimmy shows his ass all

Top Jimmy shows his ass all the time... Not cause he's a dick, he just can't keep his pants up while he rides.

That was great!

Jimmy played the roll of a-hole rider well. Good acting, good writeing, cant ask for more.

Good Stuff guys

I like the kid push of course and flippin off J-bone! That poor dog though...

One Word

Freakin Awesome!